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Code Geass Season Three : Unveiling the Suspense on the Release of The Latest Update – Everything You Need to Know About the Anime

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The famous Japanese anime series dusts off the confusion on the launch of another season. Season 3 of Code Geass is creating headlines after some sources reveal that there will not be a third sequel. The fans are not taking this news well. More so, there are speculations that the makers and writers are going in for a third movie. But altering the plot reverse or adding another chapter to the main character’s revival, will not happen. The story of the movie, which was released, is accordingly supposed to act as a storyline for further chapters of the anime. However, there’s no update from the makers officially.

About Code Geass

The story of the anime set in an alternate timeline, which is history with rewritten events. The production house of the franchise is Sunrise. The writer of the anime is Ichiro Okouchi and the director is Goro Taniguchi. The main character of the series is Lelouch VI Britannia. Additionally, the series revolves around this character getting powers from a mysterious woman. The name of the supernatural power is Geass. Using these powers, he wages a battle on the empire to seek revenge from his father. The boy is a victim of a tragedy in his family. However, he has a sister too, who ultimately helps bring peace to the empire after things go out of hand. Code Geass is famous for its audience.

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Plot Ending

Season 3 of the anime, which viewers were expecting to be a final season, initially took its plot from the movie. The series ends in season 2’s last episode with Nunnally, Lelouch’s sister becoming the Empress of the Britannia Empire. However, following Lelouch’s execution, the next chapter is supposed to start from his life after the peace is restored. We all know that he is alive. Even though this was no cliffhanger, the audience is frustrated for not getting to know the anime version of the plot. However, we expect a movie on events after Suzaku gets the title.


The franchise is seeing best selling success and wide acclaim since its release. The pace of the story and characterization makes it a hit in every base of the fan sector. The rating of the series son IMDb stands at 8.6/10, while on TV.com it is 8.8/10. You can check out the news and updates about Code Geass on Youtube.