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Masked Singer: Season 4 is coming back, this news is going to make fans happy in this situation.

Masked Singer makers have announced that season 4 will be coming, those who don’t know about the show it is about a singing show. But from the show name, we could make out that the contestants wear masks and sing, why, well because the contestants are not ‘AAM’ people but celebrities who compete with other celebrities. The mask is there so that we could not see their face and when we wear masks our voice also changes a little, so the audience as well as the judges are little curious to figure out who is singing.

'Masked Singer'

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As seen in the above picture the costume is from top to bottom and each season comes with costume themes, which celebrities adhere to. Each contestant competes and the judges try to guess who the person, as any show the audience votes and the person with the lowest votes gets eliminated. Once the contestant is eliminated only then the mask is removed and his/her identity is revealed.

The biggest hurdle in this show is to keep the identity a secret even off-screen and thus the security is very tight, hats off to the security system for maintaining such strictness and taking their job seriously. The first and the second season came in the year 2019 and the third one came recently in February 2020, the idea was inspired by a South Korean show King of Mask Singers. 


  1. Ken Jeong – Judge
  2. Jenny McCarthy – Judge
  3. Nicole Scherzinger – Judge
  4. Robin Thicke – Judge
  5. Nick Cannon – Host
  6. Guests Judges

The Masked Singer Cast

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The new season will be coming soon the host and the judges are going to be the same, no news if anyone is going to be replaced. The costume designers are working to make some quirky and interesting costumes for the audience to enjoy. The shooting was scheduled to start in August and if the pandemic does not pose a severe threat then the shooting will start on time otherwise it can be delayed, compared to last three seasons the audience will be less for obvious reasons but that will not affect the energetic vibe of the show. Nothing has been revealed about the guest judges or the number of participants but the news will be out soon.

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