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Can we get in on the scandalous lives again with Gossip Girl Reboot? Find out all that we know!

The rich spoiled kids from the upper east side could stop anything they wanted except their faces on the Gossip Girl site. This show from the 2000s was a massive hit. It made fans crazy about the show which revolved around teen drama and romance. 

Gossip Girl Reboot: Release Date

The last season of the series had streamed years ago but yet people have not stopped obsessing about their favourites. In addition to that, the news regarding the reboot of the show has definitely made people jump with joy! 

But, with this news came a bad one as well. It was confirmed that the production for the reboot has been put on hold. Like all other shows, this too has been delayed due to the pandemic. What’s worse is that the production was not even started so we really have no idea about when to expect Gossip Girl 2.O 

Gossip Girl Reboot: Cast

We aren’t very used to seeing scandal without the interference of legendary Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen. But, are they going to return to the show? 

Well, we do not know much about them but what we do know is Emily Alyn Lind is going to be the protagonist for the upcoming reboot. This talented star has starred in various shows before and is quite loved by the people. 

We also know that the new show will include other talented actors like Eli Brown, Whitney Peak, Jason Gray and Johnathan Fernandez. 

There are also going to be others joining to make their debut. They are Zion Moreno, Thomas Doherty, Tavi Gevinson and Adam Chanler Berat. 

Fans of the original show would be excited to know that Kristen Bell would be returning for sure. There are also high chances of Chace Crawford making an appearance. 

Gossip Girl Reboot: Plot 

The reboot is expected to have the same essence as the show before but the way of it will be totally different. The show will be in real time and teens of this generation being controlled by gossip did not seem right to the writers. 

However, it can’t be ‘gossip girl’ without someone giving insight on the elite world. All we can do now is wait and find out more! Xoxo.