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Made in Abyss 2 is here!! What twists in the story of Riko takes place??

Made in Abyss, a Japanese Manga series, which is directed by Akihito Tsukushi and releases by Takeshobo. This series made its debut in July 2017. And it makes a place in the viewer’s heart fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of the series.

Made in Abyss, Made in Abyss 2, Riko

The first season of the series was released with the three volumes of Manga series. And Season 2 of the series is also out. But we did not know the release date so far. Read here all the updates of the movie we know so far.

Made in Abyss 2:- Release date

The second season of Made in Abyss already released on January 17, 2020, in Japan. But it is not released yet in the  States. The release was well planned for the release but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the streaming of the season postponed.

Made in Abyss, Made in Abyss 2, Riko

Perhaps, the production team did not do any official announcement regarding the release date of season 2 in the United States. We can predict that it will release within 2-3 months.

Who will be in the list of casts?

The voice casts of the main characters of season 2 include:-

  • The voiceover of Rico will be done by Miyu Tomita in Japanese, Brittany Lauda in
  • The voiceover of Reg will be done by Maria Reg in Japanese, Luci Christian in English.
  • The voiceover of  Nanachi will be done by Shiori Izawa in Japanese, Brittney Karbowski in English.
  • The voiceover of Mitry will be done by Eru Kitamura in Japanese, Monica Rial in English.

The above-mentioned voice casts will continue to the  in season 2 for the respective characters surely.

What will happen in season two?

We saw in season 1 that Riko did everything to find out her mother. Later she finds Reg and became his friend. They both involve in searching for her mother. Will, she finds her mother?? What challenges does she face? Who will help her with this task? There are so many questions that have to be answered. So, we have to wait for season 2.