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Noblesse: Know about the release date, plot, characters, and cast, tarilers, etc…

Are you a fan of Anime series with some cartoon characters? Then read this article for more…


Noblesse has been published by LINE Webtoon in English since June 30, 2014. It is a South Korean web manhwa series written by Son Jeho and concluded on 7 January 2019. It was one of the first webtoons to receive English translation in July 2014.

Now an anime series is currently running by Production I.G.

These series have an extreme fan squad. And this popular among those who live animation fun characters. The webtoon consists of lots of changes and modifications and contains twists and turns with the story and now fans are waiting for more episodes and ready for the twists and turns.

The Release date: Noblesse

Fans are waiting for this series for a long time. Producers and makers did not announce the release date yet. But here is the point that fans want this series as soon as possible.

Fand is demanding a long time duration episodes series for the story. However, it was only announced that Production I.G. will produce the show and will going to start it soon. But the date is not fixed yet

Maybe it will come in 2022 or later. Or it can be delay due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The Cast: Noblesse

The cast and characters have a change for this series as compared to in 2015. But we don’t know the characters and cast because makers did not announce it. So we can just guess the characters as it is obvious that the character Mahwa will appear on the screen as its the main character in the show.

Trailer: Noblesse

Watch the trailer of Noblesse revealed by the team of the series.