Dr. Stone season 2 is here!! Read here about the part two of Senku’s story!!

Dr Stone: Stone Wars is a popular anime series that is produced by TMS entertainment. This anime series is based on the Japanese Manga series book which is written by Piichiro Inagaki. The first season of the series was premiered on July 5, 2019. And this season consists of 24 episodes.

The news about season 2 was suddenly out in Weekly Shonen Jump #3 2020. This show captures everyone’s heart with its amazing animation and characters. This article will update you about every detail of the upcoming season two of the series.

When will be the season 2 releases?

Here’s amazing news for anime fans that the year and month of the release of the season has been announced. But no particular date is decided for season 2. The second season of Dr Stone is all set to release in January 2021.

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The wait is of long term but you will become an ultimate fan of the series. Season one already has a huge fan following among the viewers of all ages.

Dr Stone 2:- Casts

There is not any official announcement about the voice casts till now. But we are expecting that there will be same voice cast of the season in the upcoming season too. The voice casts of season one were:-

  • Senku Ishigami was voiced by Yusuki Kobayashi.
  • Yuzuriha Ogawa was Voiced by Kana Ichinose.
  • Tsukasa Shishio was voiced by Yuchi Nakamuru.
  • Gen Asagiri was voiced by Kengo Kawanishi.
  • Chrome was voiced by Gen Sato.
  • Kohaku was voiced by Manami Numakura.
  • Suika was voiced by Karin Takahashi.

What is the plot of the season?

The second season of the series will have lot of drama and rivalry in upcoming episodes of season 2. In the next season, Tsukasa will forms another Kingdom with his power. No doubt, the battle between Senku and Tsukasa will goes on in upcoming seasons too.