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Indiana Jones Update – The Harrison Ford starer to Come Back With a Fifth Instalment – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Dust off the treasure maps you’ve stored as the journey begins! Steven Spielberg is back with another Indiana Jones movie. Part 5 of the movie is in talks as the team of the previous movies unite. The movie will star Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones since recasting for it is ruled out. Since the Kingdom of the Crystal skull released, the franchise saw a fall in reception. The movie was not thoroughly appreciated yet the new release is taking place.

The movie is going to come after 12 years. There is no doubt that the storyline will be worth the adventure ride. But there arises a more important concern. Will the same crew be able to make a strong comeback after all these years? The movie has a historical premise. The audience of today is more inclined with the discovery of the future with the optimization of present techniques. But we can’t conclude the plot before the official trailer release.

The movie was initially supposed to hit the screens in 2019, but due to a desire for a strong script, Disney has been postponing the dates. The next date was in 2020 but that also didn’t see the light of the day. The date in 2021 is not possible due to the current world situation. The shooting has to continue this year but there is no scope for the stability of the current situation.

indiana jones
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Indiana Jones 5 Plot

The premise of the movies always revolves around the discovery of ancient artifacts of great importance. In part 4, it was about a telepathic crystal skull. The movie was set in 1957, released in 2008. But rumor has it that since the movie releases after 12 years, the movie might also be set in 1969s. The year marked very great importance in America’s history. Apollo 11 landed on the moon in the same year. However, these are all theories that are only assumptions. We’ll have to wait until the trailer release.


The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has a low rating and acclaim. The IMDb rating stands at 6.1/10. The viewer’s appeal on Rotten Tomatoes is 78% only. However, it is expected that the next Indiana Jones movie will pay off a better script. Watch the coming updates and trailers on YouTube.

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