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Snake Eyes is anticipated to release this October!!! Release Date, Cast , Plot Details, Trailer and much more inside!!!

Snake Eyes is a forthcoming 2020 American Sci-fi superhero movie directed under the guidance of renowned director Robert Schwentke. The film is entirely based on a movie with the exact title by Hasbro. 

In fact, the movie counts up as third in the G.I. Joe film series. Initially, the development of the movie started way back in May 2018. But due to some unavoidable circumstances, it was postponed for an extended time of one year i.e. October 2019. 

The production team took a total of 5 months for the development of the movie where they finished off their filming in early 2020. Here’s everything you should know about the upcoming movie:

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes: Expected Plot Details

As of now, not much is announced regarding the plot of the movie. The cast and production team are lipped up for any leaks from their side. 

Further, the only thing known is that the movie will dissemble as a prequel to all the exhibitions which were put up with a place in the previous films.

Also, as suggested by the name, the movie will pose as an origin story for the character titled Snake Eyes. We’ll update you once we get an official assurance regarding the plot from the production team. 

Snake Eyes: Cast Members

Henry Golding is the leading star of the movie. The actor is known for his amazing performance in Crazy Rich Asians, Monsoon, Last Christmas, and the Gentlemen. 

Further, the lead celebrity is encircled by numerous other distinguished stars of the industry. The chronicle includes Samara Weaving as Scarlett, Peter Mensah as Blind Master, Úrsula Corberó as the Baroness, and Andrew Koji as Snake Eyes’ brother. 

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes: Teaser/Trailer

We don’t have a trailer for the movie yet but it is anticipated that we would see one soon. Considering the trailer and movie timeline for the production, we can expect the trailer to release next month anytime. 

Snake Eyes: Release Date

Lately, some validities have claimed that we’ll get a flick of the movie soon as it is slated for a release on October 23, 2020.

However, there are chances that it might get postponed with the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus. Let’s hope Snake Eyes doesn’t get postponed like the rest of the other movie in the queue. 

Stay tuned for more updates!!!