GTA 6: All the gamers out there get ready to get some juicy info on it!!! Plot, Release Date & Much More….

GRAND THEFT AUTO 6 is coming out a baby but not so early as you think, as it is still in the development stage. This time it is going to be better and a little bit costlier as well, the popularity of the game can be guessed from the memes made on it.




Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is an action cum adventure video game which has been popular and gamers have gone gaga on this game. It is developed by Rockstar Games and is played on various platforms you can name, and has different missions for the players to complete and compete with other players in a fictional city. The game is full of action and is engaging (any game is engaging for gamers) the main character of the game tries to reach the highest level beating other players and obstacles.

It first released in 1997 can you believe it, it has been more than two decades and still, the fans are crazy about it or even crazier, well moving on, the third series was a game-changer as it came out in 3D, fourth and fifth in HD (high definition).




As we all know that the sixth series is in development and will obviously be better than the previous no doubt about it. The launch is said to be done in the year 2021-22 depending on the progress and also keeping in mind the delay because of the pandemic that has affected the whole universe and everyone living in it. The fifth installment took five years to come and so it is logical to presume the sixth will take more because the development started late as the developers were busy with other games.

So what is going to be new in GTA 6, there is a word going around that the sixth one is inspired by Narcos and will base in the 70s and 80s era. As usual, the main character is going to be male but you can never be sure with surprises the game will bring, the fictional cities can be Vice City, Liberty City, and Latin American cities. Also, the climate is going to be a big player or hindrance and as it is based in the 70s and 80s the cars are going to be CLASSIC.