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OreGairu has a confirmed release date? Find out more about the show!


‘My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected’ also known as OregGairu is a light hearted series that revolves around highschool drama of romance and bitter realities in a fun comic way. 

The show has three protagonists which have contradicting views on life and find different solutions to the same problems.


OreGairu Season 3: Release date 

The show has surpassed the expectations of cliché high school drama. This show may not have as much romance as the name suggests, but it is still loved by the fans all over. 

The show that connects the audience to the characters in the previous seasons which has left fans eagerly awaited for the next season.

Season 1 had premiered back in 2013 and released the second season just two years later in 2015 but it has been 5 years since then. Luckily, fans took a sigh of relief when the trailer of the third season confirmed the release date. Initially, it was confirmed to be released in April, 2020 but, it was later delayed because of the pandemic, leaving the fans disappointed. 

It was later announced that the third season will release on July 9th, 2020. Phew. 

OreGairu Season 3: Characters 

The main characters of the show include 

Hachiman Hikigaya 

This attractive teenager is often called “Hiki” or even a “Disturbed person” by some. He usually has a very negative outlook towards everything and likes to make people around him very uncomfortable through his sarcasm. 

Yui Yuigahama

She is one of the most active characters in the show who is usually in a very jolly mood. She likes to test her limits and loves to talk to new people. She is completely opposite of ‘negative’ as she has a very positive outlook towards life. 

Yukino Yukinoshita

She is a character with a strange personality. She likes to feel superior to others and give them a sense of complexion. Due to this nature, she is often disliked by most people. 

OreGairu Season 3 : Expected Plot 

We do believe that the third season will follow the same pattern of storyline as the second season. We expect the third season to answer various questions that filled people’s minds in Season 2. 

In season 3 we expect to show more adventures and some teenage rom-com. 


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