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Peaky Blinders Season 6: everything was ready the script, the release date but looks like we have to wait now.

PEAKY BLINDERS if you haven’t watched it yet then you need to if you are interested in mystery, thriller, drama, historical fiction all is there in this crime thriller series who has completed 5 seasons and is ready for the next. It has won BAFTA awards for best drama series in 2018, one more reason to watch.

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Peaky Blinders is a British series based on the crime drama after the First World War created by Steven Knight, the series is somewhat inspired by the real gang operating in the 19th century but the series is still fictional.  The story is about Tommy Shelby and his gang who are into some shady business, they expand their business, and during that how the gangster family saves themselves from the officials and the enemies. There is, of course, some melodrama, frustration, backstabbing, which keeps the audience on toes and always having a curious ending that urges the fans to have to see the next season. The first season was launched in the year 2013.


  1. Cillian Murphy
  2. Sam Neill
  3. Helen McCrory
  4. Paul Anderson
  5. There is also a new character coming in season 6 apart from the old cast but who it’s not known yet

Peaky Blinders Cast

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Season 6 was all ready to set the stage on fire meaning ready to shoot but unfortunately, like any other industry, the entertainment industry has also been affected by Coronavirus. The shooting has been delayed and it will release next year now and according to Emmett Scanlan, the script is “so fucking good” and others are going on social media to keep the hype up for season 6. The next season will be a continuation of season 5, in the last episode we saw Tommy pointing the gun on his end and from exactly where the first episode of season 6 will start. There is a lot of inquisitiveness among the fans whether Tommy will pull the trigger? will his plan to sabotage Oswald take place? will Tommy fight the racist leader? who betrayed Tommy? and a lot many questions to be answered.

Peaky Blinders

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Enjoy the trailer.