Cameron Diaz reveals Benji Madden has written about a dozen songs for Reddix this quarantine!!!! Get all the details Inside!!!!

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are one of the most intensely personal fame couples, but they allow us in once in a stretch, primarily on their own words. 

About Cameron and Benji

Both the actors began dating each other in May 2014. The two got unofficially engaged in 2014, subsequently with their marriage in 2015. 

Their marriage was observed in a Jewish way, in their Home at Beverly Hills. Lately, the couples were blessed with a baby girl, Raddix, too. 

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

Cameron and Benji’s Quarantine Life with their baby girl 

Recently, Cameron Diaz opened up about her quarantine energy with her loving spouse and their daughter. Both of them have been out from the limelight for a while, now they are rushing towards working on for their family. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Cameron also described how Benji has ascertained his decent fatherhood to her daughter in this quarantine. While Cameron is enjoying motherhood, Benji is working on penning tunes for the baby girl. 

Further, she too disclosed that her musician husband and an adoring dad to their baby, has written a total of about twelve songs for his daughter amid this coronavirus. 

Raddix already has a whole boom of goodness in the original music albums just for her. Moreover, being a father has motivated Benji to write songs after songs for her baby girl.  

The couple asserted that they have been jamming out to some dope smash this lockdown. They also brought out their current favorite jam ‘Baby Shark’ on the blend. 

Cameron told Rolling Stone that her whole quarantined life has revolved around her husband and Raddix. Certainly, it is all about her home and family club. 

She is attempting to take part in more thoughtful ways as she can in this quarantine life. Diaz also made a step towards numerous other projects like Avaline, with his new music partner Katherine.

As of now, Catherine is getting more involved in motherhood. Her central priority is prevailing as a loving mother. It is all about planning to be picky in projects and especially for the family.