HomeBusinessMoney Heist Season 5 continues rounding up numerous fan theories!!! Is Alicia Sierra actually Professor's sister??? Get all the Details Inside!!!!

Money Heist Season 5 continues rounding up numerous fan theories!!! Is Alicia Sierra actually Professor’s sister??? Get all the Details Inside!!!!

Money Heist, originally known as La Casa De Papel, is a 2017 Spanish heist television series produced by Álex Pina. 

About Money Heist

The show involves a variety of genres including Crime Drama, Mystery, Heist, Thriller, and Suspense. It stands up as one of the biggest shows which guarantees a lift with all the spins and rolls winded up in an excellent heist. 

Further, the series traces down for one of the most powerful stories which will definitely keep you clenched up with the screen. Presently, the production team has released a total of four seasons for the Money Heist.  

Also, the team has confirmed that they are certainly coming with another season of thrill soon. There are multiple fan theories on the round in regards to the upcoming season of Money Heist. 

Money Heist Season 5

The most famous of them follows Alicia Sierra as Professor’s Sister. The ending of the fourth season pictured Alicia holding her gun to Professor’s head. 

It all revealed Professor standing up as Alicia’s adversary. But could he be her brother? Let us dive into this fan theory and discover more about it. 

Fan theory: Alicia Sierra discovered as Professor’s sister!!

The attitude of Alicia Sierra has been enthralling fans from the past two seasons. 

Alicia is shown as a tough, cold-hearted inspector who could reach out to anything just to see that her job is completed. 

Also, her ruthless character has annoyed nearly all the Money heist fans. She was seen committing very brutal edicts in the prior seasons comprising putting Rio alive in the ground, keeping him hungry, and holding him up in a tiny cell.

Moreover, she also took advantage of her cards against Nairobi, in taking the gang down. Her fierce nature is making fans think of her connection with Professor.

Further, a theory predicted Professor, Berlin, and Alicia as siblings. This might be real with all of them being splendidly intelligent, can foresee each other’s moves, and certainly are true leaders. 

If we observe Berlin and Alicia closely, both the characters have relatively related qualities in them. 

The two don’t have any admiration for mother-child problems. This was identified with Berlin attempting to kill expecting Monica and Alicia using Axel to fire on Nairobi. 

Alicia and Professor

Maybe, Alicia is a missing sister to Professor and possibly she will support him further in the heist. They could also be doubles!!

Undoubtedly, three of them share some or the other traits with each other. Could the triad really be siblings? Or will it persist only as a fan concept for the fans?

Stay tuned for more updates!!!