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The Last of Us 3 – More than just a video game, its a story about Joel and Ellie.

The Last of Us is not just any video game, it is a storytelling game with lots of drama, action, adventure, and involvement of emotions. The game is based on two important characters Joel and Ellie, whom you can control, they are on an adventure to find the cure of the drug which is turning humans into some angry creature.


The game is all about an outbreak of a dangerous drug in the United States (obviously) which is turning the human species into an aggressive one, the main characters Joel and Ellie go on an adventure to find the Fireflies who may be able to save the one’s who are not infected. In this adventure, a lot of other characters are encountered who help or become an obstacle in their journey, there are some confessions made on their way and some sacrifices, this is basically a typical movie or a series but the difference is that you are playing the character and getting ready for this emotional road.

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  • It is a multiplayer game where 8 people can play together, they can choose the character they want to become like fireflies, investigators, etc.
  • The players have a lot of options when it comes to weapons and ammunition depending upon the character you have chosen to play.
  • The players can also change the scenery of the game, they can go to forests, towns, sewages, buildings to move forward in the game.
  • You can have conversations with other players and solve puzzles so the character is able to move or swim, depending on the environment you are in.
  • There is also a ‘Listen Mode’ where you can locate your enemies by your character hearing sense.
  • There are many more features in this game that you will come to know when you start playing.


The Last of Us came in the year 2013 and part 2 has been recently launched in 2020, both the parts has got a positive review and is liked by many people, this game is published by Sony Entertainment and is designed by Neil Druckmann. The Last of Us part 2 left the players in the curiosity of what’s going to happen next, part 3 will be coming out in 2021 or earlier but nothing has been official yet, however, we still can guess what will happen in part 3.  Maybe Ellie went to search Dina, Ellie’s journey finished and now the focus will be on Abby, they all come together forgetting their animosity and fight together, Ellie’s immunity power starts to deteriorate, or something unexpected will happen. 

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