HomeAnimeAre the rumored hints given in Last of Us 2 for release of Part 3 true ?? Check out more details about it !!

Are the rumored hints given in Last of Us 2 for release of Part 3 true ?? Check out more details about it !!

Last of us (2013) is an Action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog company. Naughty Dog is well-known developers for many spectacular video games like amazing Uncharted, Crash Bandicoot, and many other video games. The Last of us(2013) and Last of us part 2(2020) are both published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 3 and 4. The director was Neil Druckmann. Last of us (2013) sold around 5 million copies also rose to fame of becoming the highest and fastest video selling game of 2013. The  Last of Us Remastered is also the best selling game that sold over 20 million copies.

Unknown facts about Last of us and Last of us part 2

We already know how successful the Naughty Dog company was with the project of Last of us and Last of us part 2. Let’s get in knowing more about it. In 2009 development of Last of us began with Naughty Dog, they had already set fame with success for Uncharted 2 video games. The cast members are Ashley Johnson as Ellie and Troy Baker as Joel in both the series of Video games. The story starts with a teenage girl named Ellie, with the people around her turning into monstrous creatures after the effect of fungus. Later the story goes on with many plot twists and turns.

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Last of us  2 was delayed twice for its released, later was released in June 2020. The game is applauded worldwide for a new plot twist given to the video game. Dark Horse Comics published a comic version of the video game series called The Last of Us: American Dream in 2013.

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Then What about Last of Us 3?

Fans who are waiting for Part 3, will it be released soon? Well for the fans of Last of us, there is no confirmation news from neither the developer nor publisher about the next version of the game. If the Last of Us part 2 becomes commercially successful, there might be a chance for Last of Us Part 3. But due to current concerns with  COVID-19 pandemic, there might be pause for development too. Hopefully, we might expect the next trailer to be released soon. Check out more about Last of us part 3