Anime series: oregairu season 3 release date, story everything you want to know is here, also know released date is confirmed or not?

Oregairu is an anime series that is streaming on amazon prime video. These series have two seasons till now. fans are waiting for the third season but their wait has been extended due to coronavirus pandemic.  Everybody knows that these series are from japan and japan still are fighting with this pandemic.

when is it going to release?

Oregairu season 3 is going to release in mid-2020. Now the dates are still not decided that when it’s gonna release and now the trailer had been released, you can watch it. people have to wait for this series. The series is additionally alluded to as my teen romantic comedy SNAFU. My teen romantic comedy SNAFU was booked for spring 2020. This 3rd season stuck for streaming because of COVID-19.

who will be the new characters?

The old whole old crew is coming back. Takuya Eguchi as Hachiman Hikigaya, Saori Hayami as Yukino Yukinoshita, Nao Tayama as Yui Yuigahama and Ayane Sakura as Iroha Nishiki. These characters’ voices are very much popular. Everyone loves theirs casting in this anime series.

showing the character
origaimu season 3

In the second season, everyone loves Hachiman Hikigaya, Yui Yuigahama Iroha Isshiki. These characters work tremendously.  The second season collects the crowd and make everyone love every character.

How will be the story?

In the third season’s story will start where the second season’s story ended in its last episode. that season revolves around the character of Hachiman Hikigaya. He is a narcissistic secondary school student. His teacher joins a friend circle where two girls Yui uYigahama Andyukino Yukinoshita already had a friend circle. After joining them Hachiman hikigaya changed. He totally changes his own character. everyone loves this part.

Now in the 3rd season what will go to happen, no one knows. You can guess what will happen in the new season. Just hope that the season would be funnier. now we will see how will Hachiman Hikigaya’s life turns.