Fire force season 2 , Upcoming episode – part 1 review, announced its release date, Know Episode 3 is airing on July 13th? Here all details.

The anime series fire force is a manga series of the same name. Simply put, it is an anime series where people fight with fire with more fire. The series is a combination of science fiction, horror, a fantasy that gives nail-biting experience to the viewers. The first season consists of 24 episodes, which started to air on July 5tth, 2019, and ended on 27th December 2019.




EN EN NO SHOBOTAI,(fire force) in japan plots around the mysterious deaths because of fire combustion. The plot sometime in the future where the most horrific death is spontaneous human combustion. It’s just a matter of spark and death. Although no one is quite sure why this happens, they believe it’s not a natural phenomenon, and the only people who can stop this is a group of military personnel, scientists, church officials who also have some abilities to fight fire and firefighters.


fire force season 2 announced its release date, and the trailer shows season 2 has improvisation characters and storyline. Fire force season 2 premiered on July 3rd and released a new episode every Friday. Like season 1, fire force season 2 will also have 24 episodes.

watch season 2 trailer.


fire force season 2 will be continuing from where it left off, and it focuses on Shinra’s request on saving his brother.

The first episode starts on a light-hearted comedy episode, and fans loved it. Although it gave too much for non-manga readers, it was still fire. Everything is back to normal, and Shinra’s still thinking about finding a way to tur infernals back to normal. Everyone’s happy and enjoying a little shopping when everyone is interrupted by a fire explosion. When Shinra arrives at the scene with the support of the whole squad 8 fight with the infernal. From there, the episode takes a right turn giving many laughs out loud moments.

The second episode goes on a dark note when we finally see how dangerous this connection to a dollar burst is, and we see some new fan favorites like Ogun too.

Episode 3 is airing on July 13th. Fire force is not simple anime focusing on fire vs. fire but much deeper than that. This is a beautiful anime, not entirely science fi and not intriguing fantasy anime.