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“SANTA CLARA DIET SEASON 4: Will Drew Barrymore’s Passionate Project Return to the Screen?’

Santa Clara Diet is an American-horror series created by Victor Fresco. The show received the immense appreciation of a rare mixture of Comedy and Horror, extremely well-balanced giving it’s viewers a treat. All three season of Santa Clara Diet was received positively by the critics as well as the spectators and carries an approval rating of 7.17, 7.85 and 7.78 for season 1,2 and 3 respectively.
The show is wholesome with its morbid humor, gory imageries, and a touching affirmation of marital love.
The show has a huge fanbase who is not quite happy with Netflix and has many questions which they are seeking the answers to.

Will Drew Barrymore’s Passionate Project Return to the Screen?

Legendary actors like Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant adds to the awesomeness of the show, “Santa Clara Diet”. There is no soul to disagree on the topic about how epic and rare the show is yet Netflix officially announced in April 2019 that Santa Clara Diet will not be renewed for a fourth season.
As the show was received positively by the audience as well as the critics there is still some ray of hope lingering in our hearts that we might be blessed with a fourth season.

CAST: Santa Clara Diet Season 4

There are no new updates about the cast of Santa Clara Diet Season 4, but we are hoping that the core cast will return in season 4 as well. Hence we are likely to see the faces of:
Drew Barrymore as Sheila Hammond
Timothy Olyphant as Joel Hammond
Liv Hewson as Aby Hammond
Skyler Gisondo as Eric Bemis

THE PLOT: Santa Clara Diet Season4

The show’s fanbase was definitely annoyed as they can never get any answers to the questions the show had caused them to speculate on. The show delves deeper into the existence of zombie, unlike other Apocalypse movies this show is a comedy, which portrays a zombie who lives a normal life, alongside doing zombie-like things.

The plot for the fourth season was supposed to pick up the thread from the very place it left hanging in season 3 and season three left us all wondering about the possibilities and consequences and unlimited comedy season 4 could bring. However, fans mostly anticipated the answers to the questions the show compelled them to have, questions like
Is Joel a Zombie? Is Mr. Balls’ legs in possession of Joel? what new turn all the changes will bring in their marital life and many more which is for the time being left hanging at the edge.