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“Castlevania To Have Another Season” Confirms Netflix : Here’s Everything You Should Know About The Latest Plot, Trailer, Release Date and More!

Castlevania to have another season
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Another good news for anime fans! Castlevania Season 4 officially announced by Netflix in March 2020. The news on updates of the animated series has created a buzz everywhere. Even though there is no news for the release, fans expect Season 4 to come out in Mid 2021. The series is an adaptation of the Japanese video game of the same name. Brought to Netflix when Adi Shankar came on board, it is growing in popularity. Giving fans a good time, the 3rd season had come out in March 2020. Thus viewers have something new to watch during Corona times.

About Castlevania

The American adult animated series was to be developed as a film originally. With the artwork heavily inspired by Japanese Anime, it premiered on Netflix in July 2017. As can be seen, the series renews after 15-16 months. Thus viewers can expect Castlevania season 4 to be out by June-Jule if conditions are okay.
The show revolves around the war of Dracula and Trevor Belmont, aided by Sypha Belnades and Alucard. The next season will see advancements in Trevor’s ways to protect the people of Wallachia.

Expected Plot of Season 4

The upcoming season of Castlevania will witness the ultimate wrath of Dracula upon the Wallachians. Although Belmont, with Sypha and Alucard, will do whatever is in his power to save people. Thus with the beginning of 3rd season, we see Dracula’s wife being killed.
The church gods suspected her of dark magic and witchcraft. However, they will have to face their fate. Carmilla also makes Hector’s nigh creaturs loyal to her. Viewers will get to see the war and her outrage.

Castlevania to release new season
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Reviews and Rating

Critically acclaimed show Castlevania has positive viewer reviews. It was the most popular digital series in America in July 2017. With an IMDb rating of 8.2/10, it has garnered Netflix a lot of fame. While TV.com rates it 8/10, Rotten Tomatoes has rated it 93% on viewer appeal. All these ratings are very high for an animation about creatures of the night. We are hoping the upcoming season 4 will receive the same response. The short episode is also a key feature of the series.

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