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Will there be season 3 of Mindhunter? Release date, cast, plot, and other detail about season 3 of Mindhunter.

Mindhuter is probably Netflix’s one of the most brilliant and head-spinning crime-thriller drama series.

The series surely makes us think twice before even watching another episode. As the way series unravel around both season 1 and season 2 gives us chills.

The first season of Mindhunter focuses on two FBI agents and their special division in FBI which is BSU (Behavioral Science Unit). In the first season, the FBI agents were shown to be investigating serial killers and making interviews with them for the study.

The series both season focuses on the investigative strategy developed by the FBI to catch serial killers according to their behavior.

The series received a very positive review for both seasons. Season 1 of the Mindhunter considers one of the best TV shows of 2017.

When will be the season 3 of Mindhunter Release?

According to some reports Netflix has already released the main cast of Mindhunter from their contract. So as far as the release date of season 3 goes we are unsure.

But it is for sure giving the popularity of the series, especially how the season 2 ends we are positive the season 3 of Mindhunter will come.

Mindhunter season 3: What will be the cast?

The cast for season 3 of Mindhunter will probably be the same as season 2. Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Ann Torv will sure to be in season 3 also the other regulars of season 2 will be there.

Although no big changes in the cast will be expected.

Mindhunter season 3: What twist will be in the new season?

If the new season comes and we are most positive about it the plot is expected to be similar to those of the other seasons.

As previous seasons follow the interviews with serial killers with the alternate plot involving the use of the material FBI get from the interview to catch killer, season 3 is also be expected to follow this pattern.

Still some changes with twist and turns are bound to present in season 3 so let’s hope for the best and be ready to binge-watch season 3 of Mindhunter.

image credit: Netflix.com