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Will the Little Mermaid Live Action hit the theaters or is it completely shut down?

The Little Mermaid

The all times classic take Little Mermaid is all set for a remake by the Disney Channel. It was released in the year 2018. Little Mermaid is a live-action fantasy adventure American film that has been inspired by the story of the same name. The film is written and directed by Blake Harris. Little Mermaid was first released in the year 2018 in the month of August.

However, it is all set to get a remake in Disney style. It seems like Disney has set on to remake all the classic tales. Thirty years before we came across Atlantica- the home of the little MermaidMermaid, it is now being remade as a live-action movie.

The new Little Mermaid

It has been confirmed that actress Halle Bailey is all set to play the character of little MermaidMermaid. There had been various negative remarks and negativity to mark the casting of Halle as the little MermaidMermaid. In reply to these controversies the Classic Halle said,” I don’t get affected by rumors and negativity. I just look forward for the role for it is something more. I am too excited and thrilled to be a part of it.”


There was a rigorous search done before finally Halle was chosen to bring the character of little MermaidMermaid to life.

Release Date and Trailer

We have no announcement of the official release date what so ever. Neither had there been a trailer out, nor it is expected to be released before the filming is completed.


It is reportedly being said that Melissa McCarthy is all set to play the role of the antagonist. She is to assay the role of evil Octopoid sea-Witch Ursula.


The Storyline of Little Mermaid being remade by Disney is a bit more upbeat. It shows Ariel as a disorganized little princess who wishes nothing but to be a part of the Human World. This desire to be part of the human world intensifies when she falls for Prince Eric. She saves his life once during a storm, thus falling for him. Her stubbornness to lead a dry life upsets Ariel’s father. Ariel is against her father and wishes to explore the life on land. She ends up taking a reckless decision and enters into a contract.

The contract is offered to Ariel by the villainous Ursula and states that it will help the little mermaid princess to explore life on land. On land, Ariel can be in human form and win over Eric’s heart. But there’s a twist to the story. The twist is that while in human form, Ariel will be mute. Ursula will be her voice, and if she fails to get the kiss of Love from Eric in three days, she will be doomed. She will turn back to a mermaid to belong to Ursula forever.

Now it will be interesting to watch whether Ariel succeeds in getting her kiss of love or is enslaved by Ursula forever.


With no official release date announced, the fans and audience are eagerly waiting for the film to be released. It will be exciting to watch the ever classic tale with a Disney makeover to it. The audience is waiting for not only the film but also the soundtracks to be included in the film.

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