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Cells at Work Season 2: All that you need to know; Release Date, Trailer and News

Cells At Work is a Japanese Series written and illustrated by Akane Shimizu. It is an anime television series adaption by David production debuted from July 8 to September 29, 2018. The Second Season of the series is in production currently and is scheduled for production in the year 2021 in the month of January.



Cells at Work by far is the best series with the most unique content. It takes place inside a human body where trillions of anthropomorphic cells do their jobs. The series largely focuses on two such cells. One is a rookie red blood cell who often gets lost and the other is relentless white blood cells who fight against every germ that invades the body.

Cells at Work Season 2 Release Date

Those who had watched season 2 are waiting eagerly for Season 2 of the series. Almost 3 months after season 1 was released the renewal of the series was announced. The second season is under production and if everything falls into place will be released by 2021 January.

The makers are likely to add on a few more characters in the second season. Since the release date of the series is far away and filming is underway there has been no trailer released so far.

Season 1 is streaming on Netflix, FUNimation, and Crunchyroll. Cells at work have received a humongous amount of appreciation so far. It is a story that has a hooking and the most different concept behind it. Also, the series has a global viewership. People from all around the world hooked to the series finding the concept utterly new and hooking.

The most amazing part is how the series takes the viewers through the journey around the human body illustrating the functions of various cells in the human body.

Also the songs of Season 2 have not yet been announced. The first season had an amazing Opening song which was “Mission! Health first”. It was sung by Kana Hanazawa while the End was sung by ClariS.

The series in a very short span has earned a lot of fan base with its unique content and has been loved by all. People are waiting eagerly for it’s season 2.

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