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AFTER WE COLLIDED is coming with new twist. Is it completely different from book? Tessa got new boyfriend?


“AFTER WE COLLIDED: Release Date, Cast, and Plot.”

The series of books written by Anna Todd was greeted with a flying success and extremely passionate fans, who loved the book so much so that it was eventually turned into a movie, the second part of the movie ” After we Collided” continues to delve deeper into the lives of two lovers Tessa and Hardin, who keep facing hurdles while finding their way to each other.

Here is a clip of what you may expect from the movie ” After we collided.”


Fans are curious to see the sequel of the movie “After,” after leaving millions of hearts to ache, we can finally see our favorite Duo Hardin and Tessa on our screens once again. Principal photography of the film began in August 2019, it was rumored to be released in 2020, but things may take a longer time to wind up than expected. Also, manufacturer Jennifer Gibgot commented that, since the theatres cant be accepted to open, things may take more time.


Our favorite Duo, Hardin, and Tessa, who made all of our hearts skip a beat, will be there in the movie “After we Collided.” An entry which will definitely bring a smile our faces will be the entry of Dylan Sprouse as Trevor Matthews. We will also be seeing the following faces :
John Jackson Hunter as Young Hardin
Louis Lombard as Trish Daniels
Candice king as Kimberly
Charlie Webber as Christain Vance

And many more who will enchant us with their magical performance.


” After we Collided” is made after the novel written by Anna Todd in 2014, like the novel the movie is passionate and heart- wrenching, it leaves us helpless and in love. In a relationship, Hardin and Tessa face several hurdles, yet they never fail to find their way back to each other because they are one hundred percent positive about the love they carry for each other. However in the movie
” After we Collided “it is not Tessa and Hardin, but it is Tessa alone who is suffering in a relationship, this eventually leads to a situation in which she finds herself raising several questions about the decisions she has made and gets her involved in a maddening dilemma which could change her life forever.