Solo leveling season 2: know about the missing dad and revealed plot of season 2.

As you all are well aware that there is no shortage of thrilling anime series of various genres in the Anime world. But if we talk about South Korea particularly, then one name pop-ups in our heads for sure and that is Solo Leveling. *Am I right? Or am I right?* It is a next-level animated series. There is a Korean novel written by Chu Gong with the same name. The series is based on that novel. Solo Leveling is the first Korean manga series ever.

There is only one season premiered yet. But now, you will get to see more of it because it is going to release the second season.

The story revolves around a hunter Sung Jin-Woo. The first season ended with the Jin Woo unlocking a door and fought with giant monsters and then, nope, not going to give you any spoilers. But let me assure you it was some hell of a cliffhanger. Also, we will know about Sung-Jin Woo’s dad, who will still be missing.

Solo leveling season 2 release date

The season 1 of series truly earned a bunch of positive responses by the critics. Now the maker has announced the second season, but at the same moment, it was confessed that season 2 will not be coming anytime sooner. This means it is going to be a little while before we know the fate of the father and son. Although, the producers have said that Solo Leveling is on a break. So stop expecting stuff before any official announcement is made.

Although, the devotees became delighted with the announcement that the Solo Leveling will be appearing with its continuation. It will not happen any time sooner but someday, IT WILL CERTAINLY HAPPEN, which is good news in itself. Also, a report mentioned that the expectations from the second series are much higher than the first one.

Now we can’t do anything except waiting for the announcement of the release date.  So stay in touch to get the information at the earliest.