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Here are the Updated on Attack on Titans season 4: New story is coming? Know the release date.

Tetsurō Araki is the director, and  Hajime Isayama is the writer of Attack on Titans. It is a Japanese manga series that features humans and huge Titans. Its first episode released on April 7, 2013, and still runs with overall episodes of 67. It is one of the best manga series available in Japan. Likewise, it also dubbed in English worldwide. Yasuko Kobayashi gave his wonderful music to the series.
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What is the Story and What could be the Plot of the season 4:

So the story revolves around the humans and Titans where humans are extinct because of these Titans who are ruthless and brainless—the look for more of the pleasure haunting and killing them than filling their stomach.
Sooner rest of the humans hide find a place where the Titans cannot reach them because they are surrounded by three giant walls lives a save a life.
One day they somehow figure out a way to surpass the giant walls and start haunting the humans. Here the Poor character Eren and his sister Micasa watch this and get horrified. Meanwhile, a giant kills Erens mother in front of him. And then Eren decides to kill all the Titans one day and get peace to all his people. So that’s how the title is justified ( the human’s attack on titans)


Here is the Release Date and Huge Titans Stuff About the Season 4:

Yet Official announcement about the release date not given by the team we are there to expect it for you. As season 3 last episode was premiered on June 30 2019 and later the sequel is announced soon we can probably expect season 4 at the end of this year(2020). That literally means fans can expect the trailer soon.

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