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One-Punch Man Season 3: Will Saitama be back for one more ‘punch’? When it will back with new season?

We all know anime is making a lot of buzz around us. One of the shows that is there is One Man Punch. To those of you who don’t know, One Man Punch is a Japanese superhero webcomic which shows the story of a superhero who can beat or fight off any evil by just one single punch. As a result, he becomes bored in his fight for evil and searches for a more worthy opponent to have a more exciting fight. The show is based on the series by ONE and Yusuke Murata, and has gained popularity with all of it’s audiences. The show has 2 seasons till now and fans are really excited and anticipated for a 3rd season. Here’s what we know so far:

Release Date:

Unfortunately there is no official date set yet as there has been no confirmation about the release of a third season. However, we do know that there were talks going around regarding this third season. Also, the way the second season ended also points towards the release of another season.

The series shows an unnamed planet much like our Earth, where monsters and villains keep wrecking havoc and disturbing the peace of the cities. In order to stop them, the millionaire Agoni created the Hero Association. The job of this association is to employ superheroes to stop the villains. However, Saitama is a lone hero, not in the association, and comes from City-Z. He fights off these villains for his own entertainment.

Since the second season continued from where it was left off in the first season, it is safe to assume that the third season, if it happens, will continue from the end of the second season.


Fans want the previous director for the third season, regarding which they have launched a series of petitions. This is because they feel that the former director did not do justice to both the animation as well as the storytelling. This also shows that the series is still one of the fan favourite anime shows.