Money heist season 5 : what is the release date for LA Casa Da Pepel? The teaser revealed new faces. Know deep details.

Money Heist is the TV Show streaming on Netflix, and I can not imagine if anyone possibly regrets watching that show. Ever. It clearly put us viewers amazed by the “Professor’s” intellect. The Spanish show has moved into people’s minds all over the earth.

The show has released three seasons till now, and shortly after the end of season 4, the release date for season 5 was announced. It had crushed many records and categorized as the most-watched foreign dialect show.

Release date of season 5?

The premiere date of Season 5 was officially announced by Netflix. It will be on-air in 2021, excited, huh?

One of the main characters of the preceding seasons, Alex Pina, said that the filming and progress of the show instantly began after the season 3, which finished off earlier in 2018.

The cast of season 5?

A trailer for season 5 was recently broadcasted by Netflix. It revealed a glimpse of the cast sitting on a stool. The thing we just amazed to see was the face of Nairobi, played by Alba Flores.

So, considering the latest trailer, we can’t interrupt our emotions and hopefulness to discover Nairobi preset in season 5.

Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, was also seen in the trailer. That means we will see more flashbacks with him in the remembrance of the Professor.

The main cast will be there, including Professor by Alvaro Morte, Tokyo by Ursula Corbero, Rio by Miguel Herran.

Is it gonna be the last season of the show?

Hopefully, this will not be the last season for the thrill-heads. The producers and directors of the show had gives us many hints for the same