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Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Release Date, Plot, Cast, Everything About The Madness.

“Doctor Strange” is one of the most popular and prominent characters in the world of marvel. He has some significant powers that no one hasβ€”the movie released in 2016 and became a huge profit film for marvel. Benedict Cumberbatch gave his splendid performance as Dr.strange. He made it a one-man show and gained double popularity along with Sherlock Holmes. Now fans are expecting its sequel. And let us know about that.

doctor strange 2

The plot of the movie:

Dr. Stephen Strange is a popular surgeon. One day he met with an accident and lost his profession. In search of a cure, he gets to China and explores the powers of multi-universe and becomes Dr.strange. From then on, he protects the world from other the treats of multi-universe.

According to the trailer, the story on the sequel is not much revealing, but we witness the combination of Dr.strange with Scarlet Witch, known as Wanda, with her magical powers.

The cast of the movie:

The characters from the first movie Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Wong, Chiwetel Ejiofor, are ready for the sequel along with a new main lead Rachel McAdams are all ready to be seen in the Multiverse Of Madness.

Release date of the movie:

Marvel Cinematic Universal is all set to release the Multiverse Of Madness on 7th May 2021. This the most exciting news for the marvel fans to hear the release date, but it is a little hard for them to wait that long.

This is due to the confirmation of the sequel always delayed due to the storyline interruptions with the releases of the Infinity War and End Game. But now the marvel is free to plan the other movie releases, and that’s why it took long for fans to hear the confirmation and release date.


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