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What does Idle mean on Discord Know all latest update here?

How does Idle status look on Discord?

When you will open your Discord app you can see on the right side some of the users are online which shows the green dot with profile picture and some of the users are idle which shows the crescent yellow half-moon-shaped icon with profile picture. This is how Idle looks on Discord.

what does idle mean on discord
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What does Idle mean on a Discord?

If you are using Discord very often as a messaging platform, you’ve likely noticed that many discord users on your profile will appear as Idle in place of online or offline.

Idle means that the user is online but he or she is away from the user surface of the Discord. This person is not typing or messaging any message on a Discord for now. This is what Idle means on a Discord. It signifies AFK which means (Away from the Keyboard).

This also lets people know that the user has not logged out from the Discord or browser but has not communed or interacted with Discord for a few minutes.

But there are ways to manually set your Discord status to Idle.

How to manually set your Discord status to Idle?

By default when you will log in into discord your status will come up as online as seen by the green dot on your profile picture but this can be changed manually.                              Simply click on your profile picture, here you will get the list of options, by default it will be as online but this can be changed to any of the three options Idle, Do not disturb, or Invisible.

Now let’s talk about how to change the status to Idle.

1. First open your discord app or browser and log in to your account if needed.

2. Then click on your profile picture which appears on the bottom left corner of your screen.

3. A small list of options will appear, enumerate various user statuses, then just click on the     Idle option.

4. Now your status will automatically appear as idle, even though you are currently active on Discord.

Discord’s Idle status is not the one which people are most likely to set as their status which generally means the person has discord open on their laptop or computer but not using it for now. You can compare this to the sleep function which is found in many computers to save energy. The difference is that Idle specifies that, the person you are trying to reach or message might not be able to quickly respond to you.

If a user has been inactive for about five minutes, then the discord server will automatically set the status to Idle which means that the user is not using discord for a while and is possibly busy or AFK (Away From the Keyboard). Users can also set this option manually to let other users know if they are available or not.

How do I stop being AFK on Discord?

1. Obviously, you need to know how long your AFK time-out period is and make sure that you become active again within this period.

2. Don’t set the AFK timeout too short so that you have ample time to do something else.

3. Create an AFK channel, so that when the AFK time is out, you are allocated to the AFK channel and stay there until you are ready to come back. If you don’t have an AFK channel, Discord won’t do anything and will leave them be.

4. Before you leave, set up your status to be “Do not disturb“. But the thing is that if you don’t touch the keyboard for a while, Discord would automatically detect it. But I wonder whether your set up the status would make them stop checking since it should be done by the bots.

5. Make a bot and let it keep on opening the file or doing something intermittently to simulate your using the computer keyboard.

6. Ask Dyno to remove your AFK status. Dyno is a fully customizable server moderation Discord bot for your Discord server. It features a simple and intuitive web dashboard and moderation with mod logs, timed mutes, and bans.

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