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Minecraft vr windows update must be enabled latest updates through with this article

What is Minecraft on Windows?

Back in 2009 a version of the game Minecraft went online for PC gamers to try out, it was called an Alpha build which means it was very much in flux and would be adapted and updated as users gave feedback.

It has a very unique look, going back to the days when games were made of pixel art. you will hesitate to call Minecraft a game, it’s much more an experience, and aiming at solely a game undercut its impact.

What you do in Minecraft is very much up to you, the basic mechanic which means your character wanders through this world and breakdown resources that you find which allow you to then build your structures, weapons, etc.

minecraft vr windows update must be enabled
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Why Minecraft VR windows must be enabled?

You must enable the Minecraft VR Windows update, We more often see an error message “Minecraft VR Windows update must be enabled”.

You are not the only person facing this kind of problem, many people like you are facing the same problem while launching this game on Windows 10 version in VR. So to resolve it we’ve provided a few methods to fix the “Minecraft VR Windows must be enabled” error.                                                                 Take a glance at the below.

How to fix the “Minecraft VR Windows must be enabled” error on windows?

Method 1.

Download the game again from the Microsoft Store. In many cases the gamers who downloaded this game from the Oculus store face this error. So it’s essential to download this Minicraft game from Microsoft Store.

Method 2.

Update your Graphics card Driver. Recently have you updated your graphics card driver? If  yes, then an outmoded graphics card driver can be the reason for this error message on Minecraft VR. this is how you update your graphics card driver:

Step 1. Press the Windows key and then click on R on your keyboard. A run command box will appear on your screen.

Step 2. In the search box type devmgmt.MSC and press the enter key.

Step 3. Then after “Device Manager” opens, search “Display Adapters” from the options given.

Step 4. Then twice click on the “Display Adapters” option.

Step 5. Then to open the Update Driver option right click on the Graphics Card Name.

Step 6. Choose the option  ‘search automatically to drivers’.

Step 7. Follow the instructions given o the screen to update your Graphics card Driver.

The latest Graphic card Driver is installed on your device, the problem you were facing must be resolved. If not then please look out for other solutions that may work.

Method 3.

Install the latest Windows update on your computer. A slow Operating System can also be the reason for this error. To solve this issue go and download the newest update of Windows 10 available.

This can surely sort out your error. Noe once the update is done you can relaunch this game. Still, you are facing the same issue, then look out at more solutions given below.

Method 4.

Allow auto-update for this game with Windows Update. Windows update has one interesting feature that allows you to update all the Microsoft products installed on the computer in addition to Windows 10. Minecraft while updating Windows 10 will surely resolve this issue.

Method 5.

Update Minecraft to its newest and latest version. Unexpected errors can also be caused by using an older version of Minecraft, just like the one you are currently facing.


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minecraft vr windows update must be enabled
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