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Know what the process the latest windows 10 factory reset from boot

Why is it important to factory reset your Windows?

  1. A factory reset in most cases will remove unwanted files and viruses from your device but some of the viruses are managed to survive. To avoid this, wherever you backup your data or wherever it is stored just make sure you scan all your data properly before moving it to your device.
  2. A reset can be done on any device. When u execute reset your whole personal data gets deleted. The device will come back to its fresh status as it was at the beginning or from the factory. This is why this process is named a factory reset.
  3. Many times reset will make your laptop or computer work faster and it’s not a bad idea to perform this process. You have to keep in mind that this will delete all the data on your laptop, which is one of the reasons that makes your device faster.
  4. Factory reset will boost your device performance too. It can help you solve various issues or errors you are facing continuously on your device. It will better your device’s performance too.

How does windows 10 factory reset from boot?

First of all turn on your PC, then turn off your Windows by holding the power button for 30 seconds, carry out this process three or more times until the “automatic repair” message is displayed on your PC screen you will finally get your repairing point.

Then you will see there is two option of restart and advance options you simply have to click on advanced options, then click on the troubleshoot problem and then click on the option Reset your PC.

windows 10 factory reset from boot
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How to factory reset your windows from the login screen?

On the login window, you will be able to see three options at the bottom right corner, you just need to press on the shift key and then click on the power button and then click on the restart button.

Then just click ok the troubleshoot option and click on the advanced option, then click on the system restore and click on the next option you will be able to see your restore point, then select on the next option and finally click on the finish option.

Disadvantages of Factory Reset.

Factory data reset isn’t a perfect thing to do with your windows. The major drawback of this reset is it deletes all the files and data stored in your computer and sets the settings to factory default. All of your manual settings and customization will be cleared.

If you are going to carry out the reset process please make sure to backup all your important files like data, music, images, document, text messages, etc.

This process is questionable from the security point of view too because you might lose important types of data and relevant files.

You may have to recreate them or things like pictures and videos that relate to your memories may be a permanent loss.

If you carry out this process without any licensed app installed on your laptop you might find the problem in reinstalling them back.

One more important thing that is affected by the factory data reset be it your mobile or laptop is the battery life of your device. So, do not carry out the factory data reset on your device often. Take it into practice only when it is mandatory otherwise, it may make unwanted and undesired losses to your device.

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