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How to check what power supply do I have in the PC with some frequently asked questions

I know many of you are curious to know about “What power supply do I have in my personal computer?” Why you will not be curious to know about this when this is an important part of your computer. In this ongoing article, we will share all the information related to it like how to check this all and answers to many other questions too.

Stay tuned with this ongoing article and grab as much information as you can. This article is going to be fantastic with lots of information.

So, without increasing your curiosity much and wasting your time more with mine we should start this wonderful and informative article.

what power supply do i have

What PSU Do I Need?

The PSU which you need to buy will need to be sufficient enough for your PC. If you had some plans to upgrade your all PC components, you need to get a high wattage and some high rated power supply. Keep that in mind that your motherboard and some other expensive components can be damaged if you don’t use a good-quality power source with it.

So, you just have to choose your PSU very wisely.

If you have not been satisfied with any PSU calculator’s result then you should check out our recommendation which will make it very easy for everyone to decide which PSU you need to get.

How to check what power supply I have on my PC

I know many of you just want to know about the model of your current power supply. Some steps and you will be able to find out how much power your Cooler master power supplies need to have.

Here are the steps which will help you to find out what power supply unit you have:

1. Check your PSU Label

All the power supplies which are required by the underwriter’s laboratories have to include some stickers with your power rating. There has been always a label sticker or printed layout which is for the PSU model number and the specifications on some of the power sources.

To check this on the label on your PC’s power supply you just have to open the case of your PC and have to look for the written level on their PSU.

If your power source has been covered by the PSU which shroud then you just have to take the power supply out to know about its all model and the specs.

You may have to require the unscrew of 4 or 5 screws to just take your power supply out of your computer.

Follow our guide to know more about it.

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Precautions: Be sure you have to disconnect your PC from the power source and just have to turn off the PSU before touching it ever.

Now you just have your own power supplying unit out which you can take on its body and just see if there is any label on it.

Here you can just see the model number with certified ratings and all the other specifications of your power source.

That has been the easiest and the appropriate way to just check your own PSU and its wattage too.

2. Search for your PC specs on the manufacturer’s website

If you have been using the prebuilt PC by any of the manufacturers, then you just have to go to some official website and had to search for the computer model number which you are using.

You will have to find the PSU which is used in your computer from your computer models with the product page.

This process had saved a lot of time and effort in finding your power supplies with wattage. And it has been also very helpful as most of the prebuilt PCs do not have any label on the power supplies.

So, search your computer’s model on the Google platform and you just be able to check the wattage within their first few search results.

what power supply do i have

3. Find out about the power supply details on its box

If you are having the box of the pass which apply then you have to check its model and have specification on it. Some of the power supplies have come with an international manual. You can read this manual to know all about it and how to install this type of power supply on your computer.

I think checking about the power supply’s box is the easiest way to find out about its wattage, model number, and some other required specifications.

Hopefully, any of the above methods have helped you in determining how to see what PSU you should have.

How to check PSU wattage on the PC

Until now you have to find out how to know what power supply unit you want to have. But, would not it will be helpful if it will tell you how to check some power supply wattage as well.

The easiest way is just to check the power supply unit with the wattage which is by looking at the PSU box that had come along with the PSU while buying it from the store. Check the specifications section of your PSU. You will just have to notice the max power for the power source.

If for any reason the box is lost you don’t need to worry. There is its solution too.

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For a pre-built PC, you have to go to the official manufacturer website and has to find the power source which is used in your computer from your PC model product page.

Also, you have to check the receipt of the bought your PSU or to check the label on the PSU by opening its side panel for the computer case.

It has been crucial to know about the model of the Power unit if you are having a gaming PC. You may want a new power supply that requires an excellent efficiency rating.

What Size Of Power Supply Do did You Need?

Only for knowing about the power supplies wattage and has its certifications which don’t solve your problems ever.

It would have been best if you also like to consider knowing about its size because your PSU might not fit in there properly which is inside your PC’s case.

There have been mainly three PSU sizes that are available for personal computers. They are:

  1. ATX and ATX12v power supply
  2. SFX-L power supply
  3. SFX power supply

what power supply do i have

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know that the PSU is the right size?

Every PC case has a space for the power supply unit although the space may vary in size and shape. For example, small form factor cases will not be able to accommodate a PSU meant for a mid or full-tower case. It is always best to look at the dimensions of your PC case and make sure that you are buying a power supply unit that can fit in the designated space.

How do I check what power supply I have?

You can check the power supply on your PC by removing the side panel of its case. If you bought a prebuilt PC, you can also likely check the power supply in the computer’s manual or by contacting the manufacturer. Knowing your PC’s power supply can help you upgrade other parts of the computer, like your graphics card.

Can my PC Tell me my power supply?

No, not unless you can read the label information from outside the case, and I don’t think that’s possible. Unlike the motherboard or processor, the PSU isn’t intelligent, so you can’t run software that will interrogate it and find out what it is. You have to open the case and read the label.

How find out what motherboard I have?

First, open Run using Windows + R. When the Run window opens, type msinfo32 and press Enter. This will open the Windows System Information overview. Your motherboard information should be specified next to Baseboard Manufacturer, BaseBoard Product, and BaseBoard Version.

How do I check my power supply wattage without opening it?

There are many watt meters available in the market by which you can check your power supply wattage without opening your computer. Just plug your wattmeter direct to your ac point then plug in your power supply to the wattmeter, now start your computer and you can see your wattage drawn by your computer power supply.
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