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[What’s new?] Chevrolet Unveils 70th Anniversary Of The Corvette Z06, Deep Details

Chevrolet has just unveiled its new Corvette Z06 70th Anniversary Edition. For those who have been lucky enough to experience this legend in person, you’ll know that it is nothing short of breathtaking – and now we can finally share these memories with everyone else!

The celebrated American sports car icon will be available for sale from early 2020 starting at $123k ( sinful Ca$h), which includes all taxes and fees; but if there’s one thing our readers always want…well actually let me pause while your mouth waters over the price tag on this bad boy: how ’bout some interior photos?

Chevrolet is celebrating the 72nd anniversary of America’s iconic sports car with an extra special event. The company has been able to achieve so much success in sales because they know how passionate consumers are about Corvettes, even after 70 years!

The 70th Anniversary Corvette will be an envious sight, with its sleek looks and performance-oriented upgrades. The two-tone leather seats are sure to make any driver feel at home while they drive this amazing vehicle!

The proud tradition of the world’s most exclusive car auctions will continue this January with VIN 001, a unique and highly anticipated addition to their already impressive line-up. Benefitting Operation Homefront (a charity that supports military families), these events are not just about buying or selling vehicles; they also provide opportunities for collectors in attendance both old school like myself as well as new faces who may be looking at investment options outside traditional stocks and bonds.”

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