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The Followers Lost A Lot Of Dollars Due To Scam Link Shared By Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT Project

When Ozzy Osbourne announced his new NFT collection, people were excited. The launch of the CryptoBatz series received coverage in outlets like Billboard and Business Insider!

Project supporters are being targeted by a phishing scam that drains cryptocurrency from their wallets, playing off of an official link shared on the project’s Twitter account.

CryptoBatz is an innovative cryptocurrency project that has created the world’s first NFT token. The community for this new type of currency, which can be used on any platform and in all games without having to convert it back into cash or spend crypto funds elsewhere (except when purchasing items), resides primarily online at Discord where they organize events like giveaways every few weeks!

When the project switched to a new, fake Discord server after their old one was taken down by scammers who had set up shop on there in order attempt to continue posting spam links and causing chaos for followers of both CryptoBatz or Ozzy Osbourne alike– neither victim took any precautions before making some tweets which referenced previous URLs now controlled by these criminals. This means that anyone viewing them will be led astray towards an imposter account instead!

One of the most popular tweets from CryptoBatz was posted on December 31st and it only took a day for this tweet to receive over 4 thousand retweets!

The input says that there were hundreds reply but I thought maybe you would want more than just numbers here so instead we’ll say “many people” or ‘a lot’.

The fake Discord invite panel displayed the number 1,330 as an indication that people could have been fooled.

The Followers Lost A Lot Of Dollars Due To Scam Link Shared By Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT Project

The bot that hosted the Collab Land server asked users to verify their crypto assets so they could participate in it — but directed those who clicked on a link provided by this service towards a phishing site where you were prompted to connect your cryptocurrency wallet with them.

The representative of Collab Land did not want to comment on the record.

Tim Silman, an employee at a nonprofit organization that supports people with disabilities and their families lost money when he visited the fake Discord server through one of CryptoBatz’s links on their website. He estimates around $300-$400 in Ethereum was drained from his wallet after visiting this particular site.”

“I have seen at least a dozen people on Twitter voicing this same issue,” Silman said. “If you look into Etherscan’s transaction records then others lost much more than me.”

On January 20th, a series of transactions were made from an Ethereum wallet address linked to the scammers who then sent it onwards for more than $150k.

When asked about the slow progress of link removal, even after being informed by Silman said that it had been difficult.

“I tagged them a few times in various tweets, as have some other people but no response,” he said with an exasperated sigh before taking another sip of his drink

“It’s funny how hard it is to get someone these days.”

As the fake link remained present in a prominent tweet, people were still hyped up about the CryptoBatz project. On January 21st- around 1/2 of them had already sold their Non Fungible tokens for over $5K on OpenSea

The bold text should be changed so it reads “After weeks” rather than just ‘When.’

Developers of CryptoBatz, an online game that allows users to collect and trade cryptocurrency cards with one another said they were targeted in a sophisticated scam. The developers point fingers at Discord for making it too easy which allowed the thieves to access their platform because there were no security measures put into place when someone signs up as administrators nor does anyone need approval from staff members before setting up new channels or inviting others onto those discussions boards where tricks unfold.

The statement added: “It’s really unfortunate because we would love to give people who invest time/money into these types of hobbyists something worth holding on tight.”

“We regret that scammers have been exploiting the platform we lack control over,” said Jepeggi. “This situation could have been prevented if Discord had better response/support solutions for projects like ours.”

The Discord team is aware of the issue and we’ve been in contact with their support.

“We take pride in being able to provide a safe space for everyone,” said Day. “When we become aware of attacks like this one – which can happen without warning and may cause serious damage or danger on our servers- our priority is security.”

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