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On Nintendo Switch, Dying Light 2 Is Getting A Bit Late

Familiar words, we admit. Yet this time around the delay is limited only for Nintendo Switch players!

The game’s development has been tumultuous, to say the least with various delays and, at one point, a period when Techland wouldn’t tell us which year the zombie parkour game would see daylight. But after many months of waiting in anticipation for the February 4th release on PC PlayStation 4/5 Xbox One & S|X], we can finally play Dying Light 2: Stay Human – its full title- as it revolutionizes gameplay by allowing players more freedom than ever before!

On Nintendo Switch, Dying Light 2 Is Getting A Bit Late

The delay of the Nintendo Switch version was not an easy decision to make. With how popular it is, you can imagine my frustration when Techland announced that they would be giving away six months worth for free if players upgrade from other platforms like PS4 or Xbox One – but now we don’t have any plans on picking up their game at all!

It seems as though this may just end up being one big blessing in disguise because by waiting a while longer I’ll get more time with dying light before its final chapter releases which means hopefully better graphics and tons smoother gameplay (especially since the last update).

Techland hasn’t explained the delay but it’s likely because Dying Light 2 will be streamed to your console. Like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Resident Evil 7 and more games in this vein require an internet connection that is steady enough for them not only to work properly but also give players control over their character–which means you’ll need good wifi if going places with intention of playing docked at home or taking wherever we go!

Techland has been struggling to get the second installment of their popular game, Dying Light on Nintendo Switch. They say it’s not ready yet but we’ll see what happens! In any case, you can play this coming February 4th when it’s released for PC/PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as a stand-alone title called “Stay Human.”

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