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For Free G Suite Legacy Users Google Is Shutting Down Light, Unless They Pay

The long wait is over for those who have been using the old Google suite of products, which were once offered at no cost on your domain name. The Grim Reaper has arrived and now systematically purges users from their legacy free edition accounts to make way for GSuite’s new pricing plan – beginning with email!

Google is telling its legacy-free users that they will need to pay if want the same service as before.

“If you need to keep your services, like Google Workspace and other apps on the G Suite legacy free edition after July 1st of this year then it’s time for an upgrade. The company announced that they will no longer be providing access as part of their new policy which requires paid subscriptions.”

For Free G Suite Legacy Users Google Is Shutting Down Light, Unless They Pay

Users will have until May 1st to decide which of Google’s Workspace plans they want and if not-the search giant automatically upgrades your account based on what features are currently being used.

If you do not provide billing information by July 1, your Google account will be suspended and all content within “Google Workspace core services” is permanently deleted.

Google’s Workspace pricing tiers begin at $6 per user and top out with a plan that can host up to 300 users for just over$18. These plans are designed specifically as an alternative work environment, so it makes sense why they’re priced higher than traditional office space would be!

The Google Takeout tool allows you to easily remove all your data from the company’s services, including Gmail and YouTube. But if this is not an option for some reason or another – super administrators have access to a more robust export interface through G Suite Central that enables them to keep what they want while getting rid of everything else!

For those who are only interested in using Gmail on a custom domain, and don’t mind burning emails left behind after sending them to their regular account instead could be an option.

Google is currently telling customers that it will stop supporting its OnHub routers on 19 December 2022, but there’s a 40% discount for Nest Wifi.

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