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Duke Energy Warns Customers to Avoid Scammers When Carolina’s Winter Storm Approaches

The North Carolina and South Carolina communications teams for Duke Energy have been warning customers about a new scam where impersonators may call claiming to be representatives of the company. They threaten that if you don’t pay your late fees or other charges right now, they will cut off the power before this weekend’s winter storm!

Duke Energy never takes such aggressive actions as threatening to cut off customers’ power immediately, seeking immediate payment for their services, and asking for personal information.

“We know you want to protect your family during a storm, so we’ve got some safety tips for when the power goes out. First of all, don’t believe anyone who asks for personal information unless they have an official-looking badge or ID card.”

If the person on-screen pressures you for an immediate payment using a prepaid debit card, it’s not worth continuing conversations with them. These cards act like cash and there’s no way of getting your money back if something happens after completion!

About Duke Energy

The company is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, and provides electricity for over 7 million people across several states. As one of America’s largest energy holding companies with 51 thousand megawatts (MW) worth electric capacity amongst its various utilities, it’s no wonder Duke Energy has been able to grow into what it currently stands today -a Fortune 150 Firm serving 27 five hundred employees at their headquarters location alone!

Duke Energy Warns Customers to Avoid Scammers When Carolina's Winter Storm Approaches

Duke Energy, a large North Carolina-based utility company is working hard to create an energy future that will be smarter and more sustainable for everyone. The initiative includes goals such as reducing carbon emissions by at least 50% before 2030 while also investing heavily in renewable resources like wind power; they’re on track to meet these objectives thanks largely due to its current progress which has already saved customers money through lower prices overall since 2012! This bold move towards cleanliness isn’t just good news – it’s needed now given all we know about climate change over recent years

Duke Energy is a company that has been recognized by Fortune magazine and Forbes list of America’s Best Employers. More information can be found at their website, duke-energy .com The Duke Energy News Center contains news releases, fact sheets as well photos videos relating to the topic under consideration in this passage along with other interesting stories about people who work or interact within our organization including innovations accomplished over time which often involve innovation from employees themselves working together towards common goals both internally among each other externally across communities we serve globally

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