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[DEAD] Ronnie Spector Of The Ronettes Rest In Peace At 78

Iconic female singer and founder of The Ronettes, Ronnie Spector has passed away after a brief battle with cancer. She was 78 years old!

The family of spiritual singer and guitarist Ronnie Landow has announced that she passed away on Wednesday, March 8th. They wrote: “Our beloved earth angel has peacefully left this world.”

“She was with family members at her home in California as well as Jonathan – whom we know to be a great comfort during these difficult times.”

When Spector was just 16 years old, she founded The Ronettes with her older sister Estelle and cousin Nedra Talley. They were one of the most successful girl groups in history thanks to songs like “Be My Baby,” which hit #6 on Billboard’s charts back when nobody knew what a song could do!

[DEAD] Ronnie Spector Of The Ronettes Rest In Peace At 78

She was married to Phil Spector, the producer, and writer of many classic rock hits. He abused her; she divorced him in 1972 after years of being forced into silence by his abusive ways – only for Ronnie’s voice (and talent) emerged on albums like “She Cried And I Felt Bad For Her” which chronicled this period until 1990 when it finally saw release under its original title Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara Miniskirts Madness!.

The 16-year old Marvelette Roncalla recorded “Be My Baby” as she told Fresh Air in 1987. She recalled, ‘It was incredible because there I was in California recording,’ she said – never before having left New York or even been out of her home state for that matter! But less than two months after making this song with Theaskwells’ help on an airplane bathroom sink while traveling alone across a country without any other members from our band., Maryville found herself filling philosophy classrooms at universities across America.”

The Ronettes were a major rock act in their own right, headlining shows for acts like The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton. They even got hand-picked by the Beatles to join their U.S tour!

Ronnie Spector found it difficult to re-establish her career after the abuse. But she was encouraged by Bruce Springsteen, his band The E Street Band, and Billy Joel who all saw potential in this talented woman with an inspirational story worth telling!

When The Ronettes song “Be My Baby” came on, producer Phil Spector was in the depths of a recording studio depression. He had just sold his label and was finishing up with Bruce Springsteen’s band before anyone knew what happened next: Steven Van Zandt coaxed him back into making music again by giving permission to record an entire album inspired heavily upon Joel SDudin’s hit single from 36 years ago!

Joe Van Zandt was one of the most notable musicians in rock and roll, having been involved with many artists like Bruce Springsteen. He created an inspiring moment when he helped produce Patti Scْrence’s first album after her husband discovered that she had died from cancer without realizing it until nearly all too late!

In addition to producing this incredible lady’s record—which featured songs such as “Eyes That See Deeply” or “This Little Light Of Mine,” among others–the E Street Band became sustenance for us during what would have otherwise been quite a bleak period if not altogether flat-out catastrophic.

In 1986, she had a memorable solo in Eddie Money’s hit song “Take Me Home Tonight.” The lyrics advise listening to what he says before Spector swoops into singing about being his baby — with much more famous lines like “oh oh OH!”

The family of Ronettes founder Phil Spector has announced that he will be air-flagged for philanthropy, donating all revenue from his funeral services to the women’s shelter and educational institution closest to you.

In lieu of flowers this month they request donations be made “to your local woman’s shelter or American Indian College Fund.” A celebration in honor of our fallen singer is coming soon!

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