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Star Of Walking Death Tom Payne Becomes Dad of a Baby Boy

Tom Payne has officially become a dad! The talented artist and his wife, Jennifer Akerman announced the birth of their son. They used one of her latest music videos as an opportunity to surprise fans by showing off pregnant belly at its end during filming for this effect- which is called “South Of The Border.”

The new year is just around the corner and Payne has been waiting with bated breath for this moment. He posted on Instagram about how excited they are to welcome their son into the world, as well as what he plans on doing in 2018!.

The excitement was so thick you could cut it with a knife at our house over Christmas when I found out we were going to be having another little person join us soon!

Congratulations to our entire TWD family on this great news. We are so happy for you and cannot wait until we celebrate with the couple in person!

Star Of Walking Death Tom Payne Becomes Dad of a Baby Boy

Tom Payne and The Walking Dead

Payne’s portrayal of Jesus on The Walking Dead series, from season six until his death in nine looked like he walked right off the pages at a comic story.

The Whisperers are a group of walkers that have been seen whispering to each other and causing campfire scenes in “The Walking Dead” season nine. They’re also responsible for leading character Jesus’ ( Moose) death at their hands when he tried interrupting the herd with fireworks, which led into what will be introduced next on this new map – The Lori Gang!

In an incredible twist after playing out many events from earlier seasons back to draw attention towards itself: A brand-new society made up entirely out characters we’ve met so far – including one very memorable figure who communicated through sign language before dying right there beside us all along.

He would then star in The Prodigal Son as Malcolm Bright, the son of a serial killer known as “the Surgeon.” He helped put his dad behind bars when he discovered one last victim and called the police. While working at NYPD’s profiler unit during its height under darkness series consisted of 22 episodes across two seasons before being canceled after an intense cliffhanger where viewers were left wondering what would happen next with this copycat killing spree that had emerged all too soon afterward.

Fatherhood has turned out to be a lot more work than Payne expected, and the actor is looking forward to some time off. He’s not sure if we’ll see him in any new projects soon but at least he can now spend quality family moments with his wife and kids!

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