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Best Crown Molding Jig for 2021: Amazing Prices [Best Deal] PURCHASE NOW!! Select the best!!!

Best crown molding jig

Best crown molding jig: The most important thing in maintaining your home is redecorating your home. Every minute thing must be taken care of while redecorating your home. Decking flooring and every corner of the room should be noticed and taken care of. Most people never care about the corners of their rooms. But, the overall look of the room depends on how the corners look. To make your home look elegant you must create crown molding for the corners.

Crown molding is completely different from molding. Molding is a general term for trimming in-house. But crown molding is particularly the molding done at ceilings and especially where the ceilings intersect. It trims the shape of the corner. They can be added to the corners of doors and cabinets.

In the early days, crown molding was used to cover the gaps between walls and ceilings. They originated in ancient Greece where they used crown molds to enhance the look of the buildings.

But today they are used to add beauty to the interiors of the house. Crown moldings are made of wooden frames. These frames are cut into definite shapes and installed into the home. The stock widths of the crown molding range from 1-1/2 inches to 7-1/2 inches.

Any type of crown molding must be done with care and guidance. If you need your crown moldings to look great, then you must be careful about a few things.

The first thing is the selection of wood.  A variety of hardwoods such as ash, oak, and walnut are used in creating crown molding. Secondly, the cutting of the wood should be done with absolute perfection. Cutting can be fine only when you seek the help of a professional unless doing it on your own.

But this activity can be done at home with the help of the best crown molding jig. These jigs are specially made to help you in cutting the wood perfectly.  There are various crown molding jigs available today with the increasing trend of DIY. The price can range from low to high depending on the brand and type of jig being used. Usually, a jig is selected based on the type of crown molding design you are thinking of installing.

This article will let you know about some of the best crown molding jigs available in the market.

List of the Best crown molding jig:

1. Bench dog  10-027 crown molding cutting jig:Best crown molding jig

It is one of the best crown molding jigs. It is the safest jig available in the market. It will eliminate all sorts of trial and error. It is said to function perfectly. A size of 10” fits smaller to larger miter saws. The polymer body makes it a perfectly durable device. An “upside down and backward” cutting method should be followed while working on the instrument. The upside-down cutting will let you visualize the miter saw table as a ceiling and the miter saw fence as a wall. You can make around 4 cuts with help of this device like the 90 degrees inside corner cut, 90 degrees outside corner cut, the right over left splice joints cut, and the leftover right splice joints cut. This best crown molding jig comes with cutting instructions that will help you in cutting operations. They provide the product lifetime warranty and are available at $27.99.


2. Kreg KMA2800 pro crown molding tool:

Best crown molding jig

This is another best crown molding jig. It is easy to use for inside and outside corners. It is also the safest but best crown molding jig in the market. It can be used up to a measurement of 5-1/2” that is, 138 mm wide. It does not need any compound cuts and coping joints. The design of this tool is compact and curved letting you complete your task easily and it matches many spring angles and it is also suitable for many miter saws. It comes with an angle finder. This best crown molding jig has a solid rubber feet foundation which provides rock support to this device. The base will fit into any spring angle of 30 to 60 degrees. An instruction manual is added to this best crown molding jig. It will guide you to trim well. The price of this best crown molding jig is $27.94. It is worth the money you pay. Many users found it to be the best crown molding jig.

3. Milescraft 1405 crown molding jig for miter saws:

Best crown molding jig

This Milescraft crown molding jig provides you with the best innovative way of letting you cut it the way you see its orientation thus preventing the upside-down cutting. Its cutting ranges from 0.2 to 5-1/2. An angle finder is also provided with this best crown molding jig device which helps in finding the right angle for cutting. It is mostly suitable for special dentil style detailed molding. The collapsible design of the device will need only less storage area to be placed and can be carried easily around due to its lightweight. It can be operated with a wide range of miter saws. The product comes for $24.73. The price is very reasonable and the product is worth the money.

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4. Speed cope crown molding jig by Rockler:

This is one of the very simple and easier jigs to use. It is one of the best crown molding jigs. This best crown molding jig comes with a DVD containing a tutorial of how to cut the crown molding and the steps of how to install it. The tricky cope cuts can be handled very easily with this device.  It can be adjusted for flat miters, base, chair, and panel molding. It requires a power jigsaw for use. This device is heavier than the others and can be hard to handle for beginners.  It is also slightly expensive. The price of this best crown molding jig is $159.99. The price may look a little high but trust me the product is definitely worth the money.

The Bosch MS1233 crown stop kit is also the best crown molding jig available. This is suitable for the Bosch miter saw. It also fits Hitachi. The price is just $ 13.99 making it be the choice of many people looking for the best crown molding jig at a low price.

Crown molding jigs can determine the entire look of your room. So it is always wise to think before you buy a crown molding jig. Get the best crown molding jig available in the market.

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