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Latest update of the upcoming season of the God Eater. Release Date | Plot | Cast | Is it happening soon?

God Eater is a Japanese-based anime adaptation of the video game of the same name the God Eater. Ufotable has used his craft skillfully for the animation of the God Eater. It was first premiered finally after a delay of one week on the 12th of July in 2015. Later, MVM Films acquired the series and was released in December in the year 2017. Its impeccable direction is done by Takayuki Hirano and the melody is precisely composed by Go Shina. It is beautifully created by Shift and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. 

Latest update of the upcoming season of the God Eater. Release Date | Plot | Cast | Is it happening soon?

The buzz about the God Eater Season 2

God Eater easily bagged the most acclaimed fame for one of the most finite anime adapted from a game to date. Like most of the anime series revolves around the same fantasy track based on high school fantasies, but the plot of the anime is in flow full of exciting graphics and scenes that have made the series worth watching and will leave you extremely delighted with suspense. God Eater is a most acknowledged series of anime and amassed a huge fan following and fetched a bucket of compliments and reviews from people. Fans of anime are looking forward to some more amazing series to hit their screens and thrill them with fun. It is a series of 12 episodes of 24 minutes each approximately.   

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Six long years have passed by and the anime series God Eaters fans’ eyes are ticking time expecting to get to some updates regarding the release of the God Eater season 2. Since there are a few minute similarities between the anime series the God Eater and Attack on Titan, hence they are usually compared with each other. As at the beginning both the character of the films Lenka and Eren lose their parents. There are some spine-chilling moments and extreme emotional twists and turns in the anime series the God Eaters.

Whereas, you will witness some laughter coaster rides as well that fetch the most popular tag for the soap opera. Well, as good come with a bit of bad dust, same in this anime series happened, with some acknowledgment a few criticisms came along, people criticizes the art styling, is not the mainstream, though since the anime series the God Eater is an adaptation of a video game according to which the art styling was appropriate.


Ufotable is a great experience holder of some splendid anime series. The styling of art is done with the same aspect of giving the feel alike of a video game to its viewers and that is the peculiarity of the God Eater series of anime. The Ufotable studios are equally famous for their skill full craft in animated series like Fate Series and Kimetsu No Yaiba.

Latest update of the upcoming season of the God Eater. Release Date | Plot | Cast | Is it happening soon?

Overview of the God Eater

The God Eater is a video game that was creatively adapted into one of the most acclaimed anime series, was directed under the supervision of Takayuki Hirano. It is a series plotted on a dystopian world in a post-apocalyptic future where there exists Aragami famously for its devilish spell as he was a man-eater due to his good appetite of eating humans the humanity was at the verge of extinction. Aragami was the ruler of the whole world and his peculiarity was that he can shape himself into any shape or embody any creature. His intellectual source was Aragami core which guides and has control over Aragami’s actions. 

The most horrifying thing was that the man-eater has the habit and can easily devour anything which comes in their path. But the thing they were inferior in was that they can gallop anything that has a similar composition to their own. These monsters cannot be assassinated easily as they have powers that will not surrender even in front of a conventional weapon either.

Henceforth, Fenrir, an organization specialized in weapon-making has created a weapon named God Arc that only can defeat the Aragami. this weapon was designed and molded from the Aragami cire. People known as God Eaters can only utilize this weapon and can assassinate the Aragami. The only ray of hope left with humanity was the fellow of their clan named Lenka who after the death of his parents who were killed by Aragami, decides to take avenge from the man-eater by becoming the God Eater himself.


God Eater

The expected storyline of the God Eater season 2

As there is no air regarding any updates of the God Eater season 2. And the possibility is not as visible of what will be an exact accurate plot for the new venture. But there are some anticipated plots for the story according to the fans of the anime series and those who have majorly followed the prior season of the God Eater. Though it is being predicted that the story will revolve around? As we have been through God Eater’s venture, where Lindow was the lead protagonist in the first season, who ferociously fought Aragami, and during his war, he badly injured his arm. Therefore, it can be presumed that Lenka would probably be the lead and the God Eater season 2 story will swirl around him. As we have witnessed already his severe powers and there could be some add-on in the upcoming season.

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Another character introduced in the first season of the God Eater named Shio might be seen as a major acquaintance supporting the lead protagonist in the series. Shio is portrayed as an advanced God Arc. Though she is half Aragami but has a fondness for humans. The prominent reason behind fans’ tireless wait for a second season of the anime is the major unanswered twist is yet to roll. Who was Aragami? and what was his past which led him to be a man-eater and the reason behind his existence? This is the actual cause behind fans being rampant for the God Eater season 2. But the much-awaited question will remain a mystery only until the release of the second season. 

God Eater

The anticipated release of the God Eater season 2

However, the prior season of the anime series the God Eater has left many loose ends which can build up to be a remarkable plot for the second installment of the anime series. But there is no official proclamation from the makers of the series. Though it was anticipated that the fans might get a glimpse of the God Eaters season 2 on its tenth anniversary of the God Eater video games, all hopes went in vain. It might take a while for the anime series to release.

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