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Mary Mouser love life tales. Is she still committed? Is she dating someone else? CHECK OUT NOW!!

Mary Mouser’s Life

Mary Mouser is now a known face and the name on everybody’s lips for every household over the past three years. Her role in Cobra Kai in she Mary Mouser portrayed Samantha LuRusso fetched her all this fame and acknowledgment all over the globe. She is one of the most known celebrities on social media.

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All the attention she attained did not faze her charm and confidence, whether it sharing her numerous videos concerning her lifestyle her cooking style, or her relationship and equation with her boyfriend.   

Mary Mouser started her career in the very early phase of her life. She commenced her career at the age of six and might be this served her very well in gaining her confidence and led her to be fearless and confident about herself and the way she handles all attention and paparazzi. Mary has been a part of shows that premiered on YouTube Red but now her venture is towards the big bang Netflix on which her show’s season 3 will be premiered and which means a lot more attention coming her way. 

Moreover, with the release of her show, some more people will get attached to the thread of Mary Mousers. Some more curious fans will be amassed and some more spectators to have a sneak peek of Mary Mouser’s personal life. Furthermore, there will curiosity about the rest of the cast of the show and their day-to-day happening and much more about the cast. To have a sneak peek of Mouser’s personal and romantic life keep scrolling.       

Who is Mary Mouser dating?

Mary Mouser has acquired massive limelight because of her tremendous performance in her numerous shows and her passion for her career and the major part is she is an experienced artist as she started her career venture at the age of six. Moreover, she has been in limelight because of her much-admired relationship with her boyfriend Brett Pierce.

Brett Pierce is a young lad of age between 22 to 24 who owns Gemini as his Zodiac sign. He is probably a native of the United States of America. Though Brett seems to be a private person due to which his deep-rooted personal details are unveiled though it is assumed that he has a close bond with his family as he keeps on posting stuff related to his family and parents. Brett is among the most desired and admired young lads. 

He has a very polished personality and height of around 5 feet and 8 inches. He has attained his high school education from Brentwood High School and was popular as a most versatile athlete. Brett further attended the University of Southern California where he attained knowledge about films and theatre. He is a talented and versatile actor in his field.

Brett Pierce is an incredible actor and his skills and crafts have fetched him many laurels and acknowledgment in the field of TV shows and films. He is an amazing person from the heart as stated by many people. He gained the attention of the spectators because of his romantic involvement with the most known face of the series Cobra Kai’s lead Mary Mouser.   

Mary Mouser

 The bond between Mary Mouser and her boyfriend Brett Pierce

Hollywood has always been tagged as inconsistent when it comes to relationships because in Hollywood relationships don’t last long. But, the new generation love birds Mary Mouser and her actor comrade Brett Pierce have proven this taboo futile. 

Mary Mouser has been an integral part of this celebrity limelight since the age of six. She commenced her career in the year 2002 bagging the first role of her career ladder. On the other hand, Brett Pierce is also a renowned actor. But their first encounter was not on any TV show or any film shoot set.    

Mary and Brett’s first encounter was in the year 2015 on the 11th of November during a party organized by their common friends and they both attended it. Brett was not able to take his eyes off of Mary but he was not aware of his emotions for her. Whereas same happened with Mary Mouser. As always like every fairytale love story, it started with talking initially and they both end up dating each other by the end of the month.  

In the year 2016 on the 19th of December, Brett Pierce confessed his emotions to Mary Mouser and asked her to be his forever and she affirms his proposal and they commenced their relationship. They have been dating each other for five years approximately which is commendable and a good milestone seeing other couples track records. They both celebrated their anniversary keeping precautions and following guidelines during the quarantine period.

Mary Mouser recently wrote a long note for her boyfriend feeling nostalgic expressing her love and his importance in her life. Quoting it on her Instagram handle as: 

“Five years with you has felt like five minutes. Happy anniversary to the most spectacular boyfriend – who I am so grateful to say is also my best friend, my whole heart, and the only one I would want to be locked in a cabin with for the whole weekend,”


Brett Pierce Mary’s boyfriend also responded to her note reminiscing the moment he first fell in love with Mary. Framing it on his social media handle:

 “From the moment I met you, I was hooked. Intelligent, beautiful, generous, and a spark of life and imagination, unlike anything I’d ever encountered.”

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Mary and Brett Celebrated two of their anniversaries at Disneyworld and have a plan of visiting that place again from where their love tale commenced. The love birds seem to be completely and crazily in love with each other. Though they share a five years-long bond their feelings for each other are evergreen and their love prevails even after hurdles. And they are growing strong with each passing day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Mary Mouser?

A1. Mary Mouser is a most known face and an American actress born on 9th of May 1996 and a native of Pline Buff, Arkansas, United States of America. She is famously known for the character she portrayed in Cobra Kai as Samantha LaRusso.

Q2. Whom is Mary Mouser dating?

A2. As per the Cinemaholic’s affirmation, Mary Mouser is dating the other very known face for his charm and personality, Brett Pierce for the last five years. They both met at a party and by the end of 2015 they started dating each other and they are inseparable since then. And recently they celebrated their anniversary and shared their memories on their social media handle.

Q3. Who is Marry Mouser married to?

A3. Mary Mouser is not married yet. And according to the sources she is in a very healthy relationship with his fellow actor Brett Pierce. And they share a five years-long bond and are insanely in love with each other. In the coming years, wedding bells might ring but for now, there is no such affirmation from anywhere.

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