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Rumors of Wesley Snipes and Halle Berry Abusive Relationship? Know More About This Hollywood Couple and Their Relationship Timeline

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Wesley Trent Snipes is an American actor, film producer, and martial artist born on July 31, 1962. He is popularly known for his significant roles in movies like ‘White Men Can’t Jump’, ‘New Jack City, ‘Passenger 57’, ‘Demolition Man, ‘The Expandables 3’, and the Marvel Comic character Blade in the Blade film trilogy. Snipes was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male for his work in The Waterdance. He is married to Nikki Park since 2003. But he used to date Halle Berry in the 90s.

Halle Berry is an American actress born on August 14, 1966. She began her career as a model and was the first runner-up in the Miss USA pageant in 1986. He is known for films like ‘Boomerang’, ‘The Flinstones’, ‘Introducing Dorothy Dandridge’, ‘X-Men’, and in fact, she is the first African-American actress to have won the Academy Award for best actress in 2002 for ‘Monster’s Ball’.


Halle Berry has confirmed quite a lot of times that she has been sexually and physically assaulted in her childhood and her adult life. Although she has never really mentioned the name of the abuser, after a statement that he is a very popular Hollywood actor, everybody assumes that Wesley Snipes is the abuser. In 1996, Halle berry told a magazine in an interview that she had bad luck with guys all her life. She said she had been at the ‘receiving end of manipulations and deceit in her relationships. In 1991, her failed brief relationship with Wesley Snipes, “left her crying all the time,” according to a production crew member. Halle then talked about a tormenting incident but did not reveal any name. One of her ex-boyfriends hit her so bad that she lost 80% of her hearing ability in the left ear as her eardrum was punctured. In 2004, Halle Berry revealed that she had been with various partners who abused her. But this one was the worst of all.

She had said that only after the hearing loss and her blood squirting on the ceiling, she realized that she had suffered a lot and that it was time to get out of the abusive cycle. It is still not clear to this day that whether Wesley was her abuser because neither did Halle Berry take his name nor did he respond to the rumors. Shortly after this, there were rumors that maybe her ex-husband David Justice or Christopher Williams whom she dated from 1991-1992 was the one that abused her. Following this, Christopher cleared the air by claiming the rumor was false and that he never hit her. He was the one to mention that Wesley Snipes busted her eardrums and not him. Then Justice too defended himself by putting out a series of tweets to end the speculation of him abusing Halle including a tweet where he used an abbreviation (WS) for Wesley Snipes to indicate him as the abuser.

Halle Berry
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Halley Berry has also been very open about her abusive childhood. She still remembers instances of her estranged father beating her mother in front of Halle and her sister every day. She feels that seeing her mother suffer lowered her self-esteem as well. She blames herself for wrong choosing partners who mimicked her father and after so many incidents of abuse failed relationships, Halle Berry is glad that she was able to get out of relationships whenever there was a hint of domestic violence and that she doesn’t tolerate anymore.


Halley Berry is one of the most well-known and highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. But unfortunately, her dating history has not been as successful as her career. She has had many relationships throughout her career and one of them was an abusive relationship which she is rumored to be talking about in her brief relationship with Wesley Snipes.

Wesley Snipes and Halle berry: They started dating each other after working on Spike Lee’s ‘Jungle Fever’ in 1990. Though there are many rumors that snipes abused Halle during their courtship but she has never confirmed it.

Christopher Williams: It is said that the R&B singer was in a serious relationship with the Oscar-winning actress in 1992 but it didn’t work out.

David Justice: He was Halle’s first husband(1992-1997) who was also rumored to hit her but the baseball player denied it and said that it was one of Halle’s publicity stunts after their divorce to ruin his image.

Eric Benet: The hopeless romantic married R&B singer Eric Benet from 2001-2005, but he cheated on her. Benet checked himself into rehab for sex addiction but later revealed that he did it to save his marriage. She was very much affected by their divorce as it led her to have severe trust issues.

Michael Ealy: He is one of the few exes of Halle Berry that she is still on good terms with. They dated briefly from 2004-2005 when they co-starred in ‘Their Eyes of Watching God’.

Gabriel Aubry: The famous model met Halle Berry while shooting a Versace ad campaign. They got married in 2005 and even have a daughter together, Nahla, for whom they had a pro-longed custodial fight in the court. Halle claims that he emotionally abused her during their relationship. They split in 2010.

Olivier Martinez: They met in 2010 and got married after dating for three years in 2013. Halle Berry and Olivier have a son together, Maceo Robert Martinez. Olivier was in news for getting in a heavy fight with Halle’s ex-husband Aubry when Aubry did not allow them to move to France with his child. However, no charges were filed and soon the couple got divorced in 2015.

Halle Berry has been linked with many other men whom she worked with throughout her career. Whatsoever, the 54 years old actress does not wanna give up on love and is happily dating Van Hunt currently.


Halle Berry
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Halle Berry’s fans are still enraged about the abuse rumor. The fans went crazy on the internet after Wesley Snipe’s appearance at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards to represent ‘Dolemite is My Name’ with Eddie Murphy. People poured their anger out on Twitter. While others supported Welsey by saying that there is still no evidence that he is the real culprit.

Frequently asked questions about Halle Berry and Wesley snipes:

Did Wesley Snipes have a relationship with Halle Berry?
Halle and Wesley met when they worked together on Spike Lee’s 1991 production, ‘Jungle Fever. The two were said to be in a short-term relationship in the early 90’s post their movie.
Did Wesley Snipes cause Halle Berry’s hearing loss?
In 2004, Williams decided to set the record straight and told entertainment site Eurweb, according to E! Online, that it was Wesley Snipes who had hit her. “The stuff they wrote about [me] and Halle was false. … Wesley Snipes busted her eardrum, not me.”
How long did Halle Berry and Wesley Snipes date?
5. Wesley Snipes (1990) Halle dated her Jungle Fever co-star for a short stint in 1990.
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