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Magical Warfare season-2 – Canceled or renewed? | About the series | Release date | The characters | Plot | English Dub

Magical Warfare season-2

[Magical Warfare season-2]

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Today I am back with another amazing article on ’Magical Warfare season-2’. All the fans out there are waiting for the next part of the series. There is everything you need to know about the release date of Magical Warfare season-2. This series is super fun as well as exciting to watch on weekends! Stay tuned and read the article to the very end to know all about this series.

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Magical Warfare – About the series

Magical Warfare is an anime series that uses preternatural themes, with few similarities to shows like ‘Witch Witch Academia’. to make you joyous. If you’re wondering when its second season will release, here’s everything you need to know about its update status.

Magical Warfare season-2

Magic Warfare season-2 – Release date

‘Magical Warfare Season 1’ was released on January 10, 2014, and finally, completed all its 12 episodes, leads towards the ending of the show on March 28 in the same year 2014. Produced by Madhouse Studio, Magical Warfare became very popular but turned out to be a very central show, collecting a set of integrated reviews.

Maker of the very first season of this manga, Hisashi Suzuki, said in an interview that the transformation of anime was a huge blunder. So if you look at the negative feedback it received after its first season, ‘Magical Warfare’ will probably never be revived for Magical Warfare season-2.

In addition, as Madhouse Studio is now one of the largest anime studios with a well-known anime like ‘One-Punch Man’ and ‘Death Note’ under its belt, it seems unlikely that Studio would want to create Magical Warfare season-2 to the classic anime that doesn’t speak. nothing. In the unlikely event that the anime is revived, we expect the 2nd season of ‘Magical Warfare’ to release only some time after 2023.

Magic Warfare season-2 – Where to watch?

The first season of ‘Magical Warfare’ is available on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and HiDive with Japanese audio but definitely with English subtitles.

Magical Warfare season-2

Magic Warfare – Plot

Takeshi Nanase is a regular high school student with a dark and troubled history. On her way to practice kendo, she meets a girl named Mui Aiba wearing a school uniform she has never seen before. After being restored to life by Takeshi, instead of thanking him, he accidentally turned him into a magician. Takeshi finds out that the current world has been divided into two components, the world he lives in and the second one is the one full of magicians.

Not only this but he also finds out that Mui is a magician and right now is a member of Subaru Magic Academy to control its power as well as to live with others harmoniously. Instead of coming back to the real world, Takeshi with his mystical friends Kazumi Ida and Kurumi Isoshima who decided to get admission at the center.

The three friends are fighting for a variety of reasons, either to escape their hectic life or to look forward to it. They have various skills to learn to protect them to protect the Ghost Trailers, a group of magicians who use violence to assert their superiority over humans. Takeshi and his friends must fight for strength and must face the leader of Ghost Trailers to prevent the Second World War from happening.

Magical Warfare season-2

Magic Warfare season-2 – Characters

There are few characters that we are assuming to see in Magic Warfare season-2:-

Takeshi Nanase is the main character of the series who is first portrayed as an ordinary schoolboy with a dark history. He does not get along well with his family and is dating his childhood friend Kurumi.

After a fun encounter, you end up meeting a magic user and gaining magical skills. With this, he can pass on all the toxic memories of his toxic past and use them to fight evil forces.

Mui Aiba is a sangoma who begins by introducing Takeshi to the magical world. After finding him unconscious and deciding to help him, he gives him magical power. Later he also introduces her to a magic school where she and her friends learn to control their skills.

Kurumi Isoshima-Another female opponent. Kurumi is Takeshi is a bedfellow as well his forgery girlfriend. He became a magician during the battle between Takeshi and the Trailer witches and discovered the magic of the Reformation. His Aspect lipstick. She is a beautiful girl and has been praised since childhood.

Magical Warfare season-2

Since entering high school he was accepted by many boys including, disturbingly, university students. After a traumatic experience with the lurker who was stalking her, she asked for help from Takeshi, whom she trusted the most, and started pretending to be her girlfriend and this was the only solution she could find.

Kazumi Ida-Takeshi’s friend, who looks and acts like a hairy punk with clear spots, earrings, and a skull ring. She is actually soft, has no problem, and has a complex sister to her younger sister. He became magical in a similar fight with Kurumi and discovered the magic of Destruction, allowing him to produce flames. His vision is a ring.

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This is it for today’s article on “Magical Warfare season-2”, hope you had a great time reading it, I will see you all next time, till then, bye and stay safe!


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Magical Warfare season-2 - Canceled or renewed? | About the series | Release date | The characters | Plot | English Dub
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