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Future Diary Season 2 | All you need to know about Future Diary Season 2 | Release date | Plot | Plot expectations

Future Diary Season 2

Future Diary Season 2

Mirai Nikki famous for the Future Diary is a manga series also called Sakae Esuno. The story is based on 12 characters fighting in a royal diary game assigned to future diaries. These future diaries are different that can predict the future. God of Place and Time Deus Ex Machina survived kast. The performing characters are Yuki Amano, Yuno Gasal, Minene Uryu, and Aru Akise.

In this article, you will read all about Future Diary Season 2, stay tuned!

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Future Diary – Plot

Yuki Amano was an anti-social activist whose only life was in the limelight. Yuno Gasal Another participant is the closest friend of Yuki and can do anything for Yuki. Minene Uryu was another member of the spy who was angry with the Almighty. Aru Akise is the one who does the investigative work and works to secure the deepest secrets of Yuno and which is the real reason behind this game.

The anime series was shown on Chiba TV and TV Saitama from October 10, 2011, until 16 April 2012. In the US it was broadcast on Funimation and in the UK it was broadcast on Kaze UK. Fans are super thrilled about the second season and in this article, we covered almost every information about the release date of Future Diary Season 2 and other details.

Future Diary production has been done by Studio named Assad. Naoto Hosoda directed the series. Katsuhiko Takayama wrote this series of manga. Hidetsugu Hirayama created the character design and Toshiyuki Tokuda completed the artistic director’s work.

Future Diary Season 2

Future Diary Season 2 – Release Date

Yes, there have been rumors circulating about the deletion of a series of tragic Future Diary stories for all fans. But wait, there is no such official cancellation news broadcast from Studio Assad or other official anime-related groups. However, there are also very low chances for the renewal of the Future Diary Season 2 even though the requirements for phase 2 are difficult.

It is difficult to predict whether season 2 will be released or not. The main reason for this is that the matter has already been finalized in part 2. And if the official statements regarding the second season come out, we will inform you here soon. We can expect the second season to renew in the months ending 2022 or early 2023.

Is Future Diary Season 2 Cancelled?

Maybe or maybe not. There were rumors of a subsequent cancellation and no official names from Studio Assad and other production houses related to this anime regarding part 2 performance. The main reason for this is also that the first season was wrapped up on a good note with no suspicions left but the fan volume is very high maybe we can expect part 2 with a new plot and some new characters.

Future Diary Season 2

In fact, the story of the first season ended with an episode of OVA that many fans have not watched so far which is why the demand for season 2 is so high. Also, the first ending of the season ended with a cliffhanger and the audience was not completely satisfied with the ending. The OVA episode was out in June 2013 in response and wraps up the story properly so this is the reason why Future Diary no longer needed season 2.

Also, the only thing left is if Takae Esuno will write more stories to continue the series. Only then will the studio announce the revival of the second season.

In fact, when the final episode of season 1 was released there was something missing in the end.

Future Diary Season 2

Future Diary Season 2 – Plot Expectations

The story is based on Yukiteru Amano a young teenager who was kind in his appearance. He seems to be always busy in his world, his diary and he had no kind of natural imports. He used to write each snd all about his life in a diary. He was social and unemployed with two digitally connected friends and was at the center of his career. Deus Ex Machina and Deus’ servant were two of his contacts. God of time and space – Deus who turns into a living creature after a few episodes.

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He told Yukiteru to become a member of the game to reach the god of time and space. So the game is about the levels at which the 11 members who participated in completing the level needed to destroy the diary. The Yukiteru seems to be more popular with the gods than others.

Future Diary Season 2

Now the main character in Future Diary Season 2 is kind when faced with all this violence and always kept himself on his safe side in the game You get another friend in the game Yuno Gasai who loves Yukiteru. There is a twist in the series that always helps Yukteru to attain his goals and save and help him to be the god of time and space. After this, there were so many secrets revealed and the motive for each of the characters’ characters in the next episode.

This is it for today’s article on “Future Diary Season 2”, hope you had a great time reading it. I will see you guys next time, till then, bye and stay safe!

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