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Read Wind Breaker Chapter 379 [Read Online], Release date out! About chapter 380

Wind Breaker Chapter 379 has been released on August 22, 2021. Jay Jo also known as Ja-Hyun is the protagonist of Wind Breaker series and their output tone should be informative to its readers.

He is a studious introvert at Sunny High School. He loves to go on motorcycle rides with his friends and the League of Street competition events help him gain recognition in not only bicycling but also school life.

All About Jay’s LifeWind Breaker Chapter 379

Jay always looked forward to his birthdays because it meant he could have a break from studying and hang out with friends. Unfortunately, that never happened since Jay’s parents were more concerned about their own academic successes than helping him live an enjoyable life.

Jay’s uncle promised him that he would have fun once Jay had made a name for himself with his career. When he was younger, the only time when Jay wasn’t studying at all and spent it playing around or hanging out was whenever they went cycling together until finally on his 13th birthday, Mach Jo gave him a bike which meant they’d go biking one day before then practicing till then.

Jay’s uncle passed away before he could realize his dreams of becoming a doctor. Jay remembered him often and that reminded him why cycling was so fun for all the fond memories they had together! Before Mach died, however, he asked about what Jay wanted to do with his life; when Jay told him how much medical school meant to them both as young men who loved biking-Mach felt very proud of himself (and maybe even a little bit honored).

Jay’s passion for riding was fueled by Mach’s influence. Mr. Nam urges his class years later, asking what they would do if they only had a week to live. Jay just wrote that he wanted to go on bike trip with friends but couldn’t because of uncle who passed away earlier this year after having accident while biking and now can no longer ride again due to injuries sustained from the incident

Wind Breaker Chapter 379 Release Date and details

The release of the latest chapters, “Wind Breaker Chapter 379,” brought fans to webtoon and manhwa full. The newest chapter was released on August 22nd in 2021.

Wind Breaker Chapter 378 Highlights:Wind Breaker Chapter 379

The biking team the Hummingbird Crew is finally where Jay finds his calling. He goes on to have many adventures out of school, and it becomes clear that he has exceeded his parents’ expectations for him.

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