HomeEntertainmentSpeculation regarding Dan Howell and Phil Lester camaraderie. Are they just friends or something is cooking between them? Tab to CHECK IT NOW!! 

Speculation regarding Dan Howell and Phil Lester camaraderie. Are they just friends or something is cooking between them? Tab to CHECK IT NOW!! 

Hook-ups, break up and celebrities are the deadliest combination of the present era and the most consumed and trending spices are celebrities and their homosexual relationships. Dan Howell and Phil Lester are individuals who rose to fame with their talents and skill.

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Dan is one of the most renowned YouTubers, writers, and authors on the other hand Phil also gained popularity through his YouTube Channel AmazingPhil and is an enthusiastic radio jockey. Despite all these facts they both are together a source of hottest tattle in the town that is, Dan Howell and Phil Lester are dating each other. Is this true? or it is just speculation. Let’s read ahead to unlock their relationship theory.

Who is Dan Howell?

Dan Howell

Young lad Dan Howell took his first breath on the 11th of June in the year 1991. He is a native of Wokingham, Berkshire. Dan’s initial step towards his career was at the age of 16, for the retail chain Focus DIY, further he was employed at the supermarket Asda. Moving ahead while growing up he acted in a theater drama with Wokingham Youth Theater.

Dan acquired his graduation degree in the year 2009 from The Forest School. After graduating, Dan took a year interlude. During this time he explored his craft of making videos and, unaware of his destiny’s plan, took his initial foot in the shoe of generating videos and posted them on his page as his hobby.

In the year 2010, Dan got enrolled in the University of Manchester for pursuing law but ended up dropping it as his career preference in the year 2011 due to his lack of interest in the subject. Then he discovered his fondness for generating videos and moved ahead to pursue radio presenting and video blogging and made it his profession.

For now, Dan Howell rules YouTube with 6 million subscribers of his channel named ‘Daniel Howell’ prior has an existence as ‘Dan is not on fire’ and the other one is DanAndPhilGAMES which he used to co-hosts with his best friend Phil Lester on BBC Radio 1 which aired from January 2013 and concluded on August 2014.


Who is Phil Lester?

Dan Howell

Magnificently renowned YouTuber and rumored Dan Howell’s boyfriend, Phil Lester 34 years long lad is a native of Rawtenstall Lancashire, was born in the year 1987 on the 30th of January. Before his successful venture as a radio jockey and vlogs generator master, Phil’s career initially started as a dog walker. Moreover, he was employed at a veterinary clinic at WHSmith.

Afterward, he landed on the set of Faith Heart and portrayed a character of Tim in that. Phil attained his high school education from Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School. Later he earned his Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Linguistics and English Language in the year 2008. Moreover, he acquired his Masters of Arts in Video Post Production with Visual Effects in 2009, both from the University of York itself.  

Phil Lester has amassed popularity through his craft on his YouTube channel titled Amazing Phil which fetched him amazing followers around 4 million approximately. Moreover, Phil’s marginal utility of fame is because of his alleged relationship rumors with his best friend Dan Howell.

Dan Howell

Speculations about Dan and Phil relationship

Phil Lester grabbed Dan Howell’s sight of attention in the year 2006, with the release of his first video on his channel. Dan became a colossal fan of videos and content generated by Phil. Dan texted praising Phil on his Twitter handle. Moreover, in the year 2009, Dan and Phil had their first face-to-face encounter and conspired on their first video as a team. This was the initial step towards their camaraderie or long love relationship between the creative and much-admired video creators.    

Furthermore, a reporter in an interview with Dan inquired about his relationship and life to which Dan addressed it by elaborating the cruelty he faced and tantrums, and excruciating bullying he experienced, and how he combats the struggle a while ago. Dan Howell also expressed his camaraderie with Phil Lester that is more than romantic, this statement of his gave birth to their dating notion. Moreover, it was also allegedly stated that Dan dispatched about their equation that they are best of friends and he feels like a munchkin when Phil is around him, and his presence makes Dan feel most safe and secure and he trusts Phil blindly. Dan Howell’s narrative regarding their equation was so complacent and he also mentioned that they are comrades through life and are soulmates.

This video spread like a forest fire on social media and hit their much-loved followers like a clap of thunder but they found this sheer and honest approach towards love. Though many of the spectators questioned their bond and criticized it. However, the equation between the two is still vague and clouds of speculations are still all over when it comes to their relationship. Amidst the chaos, some of their true admirers even urged people to respect their private space. Furthermore, Dan Howell also stated in his video that he appreciates his admirers’ interest and concern about their equation but he would appreciate it even more if people will understand and he and Phil Lester would like to keep their personal life away from the spotlight. However, in this array of events, speculations regarding their dating and relationship emerged. Though still there is no official affirmation concerning Dan Howell and Phil Lester’s relationship and dating rumors and people are only anticipating this set of pieces of information.

Dan Howell

Are Dan and Phil still dating?

However, Dan and Phil’s fans were dealing with the confusion regarding their dating and relationship, and Dan Howell and Phil Lester’s chasm from their video generating process came as a shocker and was like a cherry on top of the speculated cake. But after some lapse, Dan and Phil returned which was a sigh of relief for their admirers and Dan stated that they won’t be ditching their fans anymore and elaborated on their stressful and emotional venture. Moreover, they both assured people that they don’t have any plans of abandoning their channel nor there will be any changes.

Though their rampant fans have a lot of questing to narrate but to their surprise, Dan and Phil shared the news of their new house which they were busy sprucing up their new house in which they will be living together. Which can be anticipated as a green signal for spectators about their relationship and dating rumors.  

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q1. Who is Dan Howell?

A1. Young lad Dan Howell took his first breath on the 11th of June in the year 1991. He is a native of Wokingham, Berkshire. He rules YouTube with 6 million subscribers of his channel named ‘Daniel Howell’ prior has an existence as ‘Dan is not on fire’ and the other one is DanAndPhilGAMES.

Q2. Are Phil and Dan dating?

A2. Dan Howell affirms that he and Phil have dated at some point in time but for now they are just best of friends. Though still there are speculations regarding their dating rumors.  


Q3. Who is Phil Lester’s boyfriend?

A3. It is anticipated that Phil Lester is dating Dan Howell because in some of their videos and interviews Dan made some eyebrow-raising remarks which compelled spectators to think in that dynamic.


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