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Read on to unveil the mystery of Who got Historia pregnant?! Is Eren is the speculated father or someone else?! CHECK OUT NOW!!

Historia pregnant- As part of the anime’s era and manga series, you might be very familiar with the Japanese novella-based anime series titled Attack on Titan or by another name as Shingeki no Kyojin. Japanese novella is penned down by and precisely illustrated by Hajime Isayama. A few days back the latest chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin was released and as always masterpiece by Hajime Isayama has penned down his craft and once again aced his arena of writing which is suspense.

Well, this time the suspense jotted down is breathtaking as it’s not some killing or battle but the suspense is that Historia is pregnant. Moreover, this has created a buzz all over the groups of animes’ fans that Who got Historia pregnant? This array of suspense is trailing for so long and yet the question “Who got Historia pregnant” still prevails. Amidst a plethora of anticipation related to who got Historia pregnant has created a ruckus and if you are looking to subside your queries about who got Historia pregnant then you have hit the right place. Read on to know the man who got Historia pregnant.

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What’s the plot of the story? 

The full of speculations Japanese novella based manga series initially hit the shelves of the readers in the year 2009 on the 9th of September and till it is successful is amassing recognition with around 30 tankōbom formats. The story is beautifully penned down by Hajime Isayama. Moreover, this publication credit goes to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine and Kodansha who published it.

The story of Attack on Titan is about the humans settled within three aligned walls in order to rescue themselves from the horrifying titans, who want to prey on them. Moving ahead the story encounters a young lad named Eren Yeager who is a firm believer of the notion that a caged life is much like the life of cattle.

Historia Pregnant

Moreover, Eren Yeager aspires to cross all the boundaries and desires to go beyond the concentric walls one day, following the footsteps of his heroes titled, Survey Corps.   

For now, the plot of the story is revolving around the suspense that ‘Who got Historia pregnant?’ as in the latest release chapter she was seen talking about Eren and the news exploded all over that ‘Is Historia pregnant?’



Is Eren the one who got Historia pregnant?

The suspense which was in the air regarding who got Historia pregnant was not a matter of concern until it grappled with the suspicious involvement of Eren’s who visited Historia in the precedent episode where they both Historia discussed Historia’s pregnancy. This event gave rise to the question that Eren is the one who got Historia pregnant?

The array of events that gave rise that Eren has got Historia pregnant includes the timing of the pregnancy which was discussed by Eren with his friend Zeke.

Moreover, it was also anticipated by the spectators that Eren is the one who got Historia pregnant and is the legitimate father of her child but due to some political issues, it would have been a better option to let the farmer portray the role of father for Historia’s child.

However, it is quite evident that there was no chord of romance between the farmer and Historia which would have seeded in her and got Historia pregnant.

Historia Pregnant

Well, the question which will pop up in the readers’ mind will be the reason behind farmer’s cooperation?

The answer to this question lies in the episodes which revolve around Historia and the farmer’s childhood in which he used to bully Historia and they both were not at all amicable. Moreover, the farmer used to throw stones at Historia in order to grapple her attention.

So now in order to compensate for the portrayal of his cruelty he might have agreed to act as the father of the child so that the fact Eren got Historia pregnant will be under the veil. 


Speculations that Eren cannot be the one who got Historia pregnant

 As the above instances might have compelled you to agree upon that Eren got Historia pregnant. But the other side of the coin cannot be neglected which proves to contradict the above instances.

The first and the reason that Eren cannot be the one who got Historia pregnant is his relationship with Mikasa with whom he shared his romantic space in the series. Moreover, Eren’s priority list includes Mikasa and his friend Armin. 

Furthermore, When Zeke suggested Eren respond to Mikasa feeling she holds for him to which Eren divulged about the fact that he has not many years of living.

In addition, Eren was not the one who witnessed the effect of fathers on children via. Grisha has suffered the baggage of responsibilities transferred to him by his father. Moreover, his friend Zeke who has suffered the trauma of his father’s absence, and Eren as the person portrayed in the series would not have done so.    

Moving ahead in an episode Eren was witnessed expressing his distaste for producing babies just for the sake of preserving the royal lineage and the Titan legacy. Considering this belief in Eren’s character it is out of course that he will go and impregnate Historia.

Historia Pregnant

Closing statement on ‘Who got Historia pregnant?’

Well, after the deep analysis still nothing can be predicted as Hajime Isayama has an ace in writing suspense. Moreover, if the farmer is anticipated to be the one who got Historia pregnant then the argument arises that despite the terms they both share which was not at all romantic and cannot lead to marriage. So how come he was the reason behind Historia’s pregnancy?

And this reason was anticipated since the beginning then why was this topic made a matter of concern in the tale? 

Moreover, if Eren is anticipating to be the man who got Historia pregnant then the facts mentioned above and the person who wants to detach every bond he shares then why will he leave the baby behind? However, as a viewer, it does not justify the character he portrays.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Who married Eren?

A1. Eren is witnessed sharing his love space with Mikasa and she is the most important woman in his life after his mother. Irrespective of this Eren might marry Historia out of obligation and his duty rather than love. 


Q2. Is Armin a girl?

A2. Armin is the name of a boy. He is voiced by a male in the English dubbing, and in Japanese, he is voiced by a female that is common for young boys. 


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