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Hitachi NR90AES1: Review, Features, Pros and Cons, Price and Warranty, All Deep Research here

Hitachi is one of the world’s most trusted electrical appliances and equipment brands. It is, without a doubt, the best brand for framing nailers. Hitachi is different from many other brands in its unique quality and high efficiency. Hitachi has the best framing nailers. Hitachi nr90aes1 is one of Hitachi’s best framing nailers. It is less expensive and very lightweight making it more compatible. It is built sturdily. This sturdy design makes it powerful. If you want to know more about the Hitachi nr90aes1, keep reading. This article will discuss the qualities and features of Hitachi nr90aes1.

Hitachi nr90aes1

Ergonomics of the Hitachi nr90aes1:

It weighs only 7.5 pounds. It is light weighted compared to many other framing nailers. It is a compact and highly portable device. The lightweight design is combined with the special ergonomic handle design, making this product one of the bests in the market. Most of the nailers come with a loosened grip which makes them uncomfortable to handle. But,  Hitachi NR90AES1 comes with a good grip and so it is easy to handle.Hitachi NR90AES1: Review, Features, Pros and Cons, Price and Warranty, All Deep Research here

Metal body :

This product had a metallic body which makes it sturdy. The metallic backup helps in maintaining durability. The best part about this product is its metallic body but at the same time lightweight in handling. Metallic nature gives the nailer a sturdy design but it is also lightweight making it compatible and durable.

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Magazine :

Hitachi NR90AES1 is pneumatic air controlled. The magazine of this nailer is also metallic built and it allows to load two nails at a time. The magazine is two-piece anodized and it makes repairing and replacing princesses easy. These processes can be done at lower expenses. The two-step nail loading also provides easy work. As you can load two-step nails at a time, this will save time and will let you work effectively.

Single-stage mode :

The Hitachi nr90aes1 has an amazing single-stage mode feature. In this, a single-stage flipper is present just above the trigger making it easy to handle. The biggest problem while using a nailer can be changing the trigger. But here the single-stage change mode makes it easier than ever.


Hitachi nr90aes1 provides a tool-less depth adjustment. This adjustment widely helps in flushing a variety of materials. This flushing adjustment is present just below the driver assembly.  This is easy to adjust and very comfortable to use.

Firing strength :

Many other firing nailers of the brand Hitachi come with a 3-1/2″ nailer. Which is comparably weak to the Hitachi nr90aes1 nailer. This has a 3-1/4″ nailer.  It is much better than the other model of Hitachi, NR83A5. This works perfectly at the same time as being consistent. The consistency of Hitachi nr90aes1 makes it unique from the other Hitachi nailers. This is strong and can go with any type of works. It is suitable for heavy works.

Hitachi nr90aes1

Visible Toenailing :

Another feature making this nailer unique is its visibility. It allows you to see your nail while nail placement. It helps in maintaining the quality of the product as you will be able to place the nail accurately in the place of work. Being able to see where you place the nail will make your work easier and fine.Hitachi NR90AES1: Review, Features, Pros and Cons, Price and Warranty, All Deep Research here

Air efficiency :

This Hitachi nr90aes1 works from the 70 to 120 range. The 85 psi is optimal for many uses. This 85 range will allow you to work efficiently with the 3-1/4″ nail. Many other nailers are available in the market work best in the 80 psi range. So the 85 psi model of this Hitachi nr90aes1 will make it best than many other nailers available in the market.

Toe nailing:

The entire fame of a nailer comes with its toe-nailing ability. The tip of this nailer is different from many other nailers in the market. It is unusual and covered with side barbs from top to bottom. This helps it in sticking the nail onto the surface easily. The barbs also provide support in holding the nail on the work platform. It also holds the studs quite well. On the whole, this seems to be an accomplished and well-rounded device when it comes to design and functionality.

How does it perform?

The Hitachi nailer with amazing design also excels in performance. It can be switched easily between the driving modes, the single fire, and the rapid mode. Both the modes work perfectly alright and the machine will perform the same in both the modes. Single-mode can be used to drive a single nail at a time. It can be used at steady places. The rapid-fire mode is best for professional workers who want to get things done in a faster manner. It is very subtle and subtlety is one of the best features of the Hitachi nr90aes1. This machine makes little noise or no noise at all. It is very suitable for working at home or in your garage. As it makes less noise you need not worry about your neighbor being disturbed. Though this is powerful it makes less noise.

Hitachi nr90aes1

Price and Warranty :

It is priced at $179 and comes with a 5-year warranty. Though there are many cheapest framing nailers available in the market, this is the best choice at this price. The Hitachi nr90aes1 has the best features unlike the other nail guns available at this price. Besides, it is the product of one of the best brands. So it is worth investing your money in.Hitachi NR90AES1: Review, Features, Pros and Cons, Price and Warranty, All Deep Research here


This product is lightweight, it is compatible, and portable. It can be carried around easily and taken along while traveling. It has a good metallic design. The recoil strength of this framing nailer is the best. The magazine capacity is also wonderful.


This Hitachi nr90aes1 does not come with a raft hook. It needs an additional dry fire lockout. It doesn’t have an adjustable exhaust. These cons are very small compared to the amazing features this framing nailer offers.

The Hitachi nr90aes1 is definitely the best framing nailer for home and professional uses. It is very portable and comes with jaw-dropping features that will help your work be done easier. So, if you looking forward to buying a framing nailer, this is the best one to invest your money on.

Do you have any Hitachi nailers? Did I miss anything?  Share in the comments.

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