Gina Rodriguez Husband, Is she still sharing her love space with her husband? READ ON!!

36 years damsel Gina Rodriguez rose to fame with her spectacular portrayal as Jane Villanueva in the much-talked-about soap opera Jane the Virgin broadcasted by The CW and successfully aired from the year 2014 till 2019. Gina Rodriguez fetched the laurel of Golden Globe Award in the year 215, for her eye-catching performance in the show.

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Moreover, she has not just encountered fame in the show but Gina Rodriguez also came on the radar of love as she met Joe LoCicero one of his co-stars in the show, and eventually they fell for each other. Well, the following article is about the much-talked love story of Gina Rodriguez and her past boyfriend who is presently her husband. Read on and explore more about Gina Rodriguez’s husband and their no less fairytale love story.

Who is Joe LoCicero, the man in Gina Rodriguez’s life?

Tempting beauty Gina Rodriguez who rules millions of hearts with her spectacular performance has that special soft corner occupied by the heartthrob Joe LoCicero. Joe himself is a much-admired actor, screenwriter, and choreographer.

Moreover, Gina Rodriguez’s love interest Joe LoCicero contributed his acting skills in some of the renowned films such as Spaghettiman and Welcome to Willits, as well as television shows such as Jane The Virgin, Empire, to mention a few.


Gina Rodriguez

Joe LoCicero took his first breath in the year 1986 on the 9th of August. He hails from Long Island, New Jersey, United States of America. He belongs to mixed ethnicity and possesses Leo as his sun sign. Moreover, Joe holds the nationality of America and he is Puerto Rican and American. Furthermore, Joe practices Christianity as his religion and currently, he is a resident of California, United States of America.

Joe LoCicero is a firm believer in keeping his personal and professional life apart and it is quite evident by this fact that information regarding his early life and family background is layered under veils and still not divulged by him and no one is aware of his family and parental details.

Though he seems to belong to a family of elites and his behavior reflects his polished high school education. The only known relation of Joe in the limelight is his beautiful bond with his much-loved wife Gina Rodriguez.

The career graph of Gina Rodriguez husband Joe LoCicero

Though comparatively, Joe LoCicero has not fetched much fame as his wife Gina Rodriguez, he is no less than a celebrity. Initially, Joe LoCicero was a passionate soccer player before he made his adamant decision of opting acting as his career and stepped into the shoes of being an actor.

However, after opting for acting as his career Gina Rodriguez’s husband did some attention grappling projects and fetched much recognition as a model and contributed his face for brands including Juicy Counter, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie & Fitch, to mention a few. Thereafter in the year 2013, he made his acting debut in the film Hector: Lost Soul with Switchblades.  

Moving ahead, Joe LoCicero made his appearance in the film Spaghetti Man Black in the year 2016 in which he portrayed Keto and fetched appreciation for his work. Moreover, Joe LoCicero also tried his hands in some of the occupations to fetch his bread which includes his contribution in some of the crime-action movies, furthermore, he has also tried the shoes of a stunt choreographer. 

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Gina Rodriguez

Furthermore, in the very same year, Joe appeared in Welcome to Willits, in addition to this Joe LoCicero also commenced his television career and we witnessed this handsome hunk’s glimpse in the soap opera Jane the Virgin.

 Moreover, Gina Rodriguez’s husband Joe LoCicero limit is just limitless. Joe is an actor who has some future endeavors of becoming an MMA fighter which is quite evident by the fact that Joe LoCicero practices for Muay Thai competitions and had fetched quite a few laurels and a title of a fair share of an amateur.

Moreover, he plans to opt for it if his coin doesn’t shine as an actor. And the cherry on the top is his wife Gina Rodriguez’s support for his passion and she took it to social media and shared the glimpse of herself supporting her husband in the fights.

Treasure amassed by Joe LoCicero   

Though, it has been just five years since Joe LoCicero commenced his career as an actor and model. But in this short time span, he has become the cream of the crop in the industry. And has amassed a fan following through his dapper looks and crafts of his acting.

Joe LoCicero earns his bread through his acting and modeling projects and has accumulated a gross income of around $500 at the time of writing. Moreover, he also earns a handsome amount from the endorsement and some of his commercial deals.

Furthermore, his wife Gina Rodriguez fetches a pretty amount from her art of acting and her dazzling appearances which is around $5 million approximately.

Gina Rodriguez

The relationship between Gina Rodriguez and her husband Joe LoCicero

36 years old, impassioned, and fierce actor and a dazzling beauty Gina Rodriguez has accumulated recognition and fame among her fans through her glamorous acting skills and her tempting beauty.

As it is quite evident that socializing era which we live in has the highest frequency inclination towards celebrities and their social media idols and in conjunction with the rampant fans and admirers of such celebrities are curious about the day to day happenings in their favorite celebs live and is there any cooking romance in their life or not.  

Well, yes Gina Rodriguez has that special bond in her life which started on the sets of Jane the Virgin in the year 2016 when Joe LoCicero and Gina Rodriguez grasped each other’s sight. 

Gina Rodriguez

And in a very short span of time, they both started dating each other. Though they made quite a few public appearances which made it quite evident that they both were dating but they denied the rumors. Moreover, the buzz was around when Gina Rodriguez caught the sight of spectators due to the big diamond ring on her finger which gave rise to another tattle they both were engaged in the year 2018.

But after a few denials, they both divulged their relationship and addressed such speculations by announcing their nuptial news on their social media handle on the 4th of May, 2019 after three long years of dating each other.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is Gina Rodriguez married?

A1. Gina Rodriguez is happily married to her co-star of Jane the Virgin named Joe LoCicero. They both dated for three years. In the year 2016, Joe LoCicero and Gina Rodriguez grasped each other’s sight. And in a very short span of time, they both started dating each other. And now they are happily married and had their nuptial ceremony on the 4th of May 2019.

Q2. What does Joe LoCicero do?

A2. Joe LoCicero is an actor by profession. Moreover, he is also a much-recognized model, screenwriter, and has also tried his hands in choreography. He amassed most of the recognition from his films Spaghettiman and Welcome to Willits, as well as television shows such as Jane The Virgin, Empire.


Q3. What is Gina Rodriguez’s net worth?

A3. Gina Rodriguez fetches a pretty amount from her art of acting and her dazzling appearances which is around $5 million approximately. Moreover her husband Joe LoCrcero also earns a handsome amount through his acting and modeling projects and has accumulated a gross income of around $500.


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